Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Pink hospitalized in Australia-Drillbit Taylor's Pinkie Finger-My Alex Jones Post-Reminds me of the synchronicity I had when predicting Pink to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

This story stood out to me right away in regards to the Duck post I just made earlier. 
In the film Drillbit Taylor he has the name Drillbit because he injured his Pinkie Finger in high school with a Drillbit. At the end of the film he also loses half of his Pinkie Finger. 
Drillbit=86 today being 8/6...
Remember I had all the synchronicity with Pink and the film the Number 23(Fingerling) and the Fingerling Toy.  When you look up Fingerling you find a movie about a Pinkie Finger. It made me think of Pink the singer. I then saw her first hit single was called "There You Go". Earlier in the night(12/8) I posted how I had synchronicity watching Zach's video about Alex Jones. I got up to pee and when I sat down I said "There you Go" to my Cat and right as I said that...Alex Jones said "There you Go" on the video....then later in the night I found the Pink stuff and her song There you Go. I said I think she might sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl and then she did. 

Think about how that is similar to tonight haha it's crazy. I just documented about Alex Jones being shut down and now I see this article about PINK just minutes later. 

I'm trying to think what it means.....Possibly we might get the death of Pink Floyd's Roger Waters....The Wall(Trump)
Also in my post about Alex Jones that synced with Pink I mentioned a lot about 9/11....possibly we will get an attack at a baseball game during the national anthem? I've been saying how this year is ripe for a false flag event connected to the World Series/World War/9/11 symbolism?  December 8th is when the US Declared War on Japan after Pearl Harbor...Possibly it will happen during the World Series? Basing it off of last time, I was spot on so I'm thinking it's showing me that again. 
I thinking about Earthquakes as well..it was something important to the Pink theme and the Pink Moon in April....need to think about it more...so many syncs going on tonight I'm gonna try and make a video before it gets too late or Zamien wakes up. 

I see the alternative spelling to Pinkie is Pinky....
Pinky Finger=519(satanic)
Remember the synchronicity with the Mighty Ducks was on 5/19...the Duck Bus crash was on the "Aurora Bridge"=519

5/19 to 8/6 just so happens to be 2 months 18 days....8/6 the 218th day and so on...

Also a male duck is called a "DRAKE" think about the Drowning symbolism I was talking about in regards to XXXTentacion's cousin drowning and he was supposedly sacrificed by DRAKE. 
There's also an old singer named Nick Drake with an album called "Pink Moon". 

Haha hell also in regards to John Hughes think about the film "Pretty in Pink"....her best friend is "Duckie"....man I don't want to rewatch that film but I bet there something I'm supposed to get from it. 

I saw that Molly Ringwald's early start was singing the National Anthem on Yankee Doodle Mickey...so I went to Youtube to listen to the song. 
Look at the first 3 comments...one of them has a Cleveland Indian Logo.....My girlfriend just came home on break too and she is wearing her PINK scrubs.....Earlier today a girl I work with who also works in the kitchen at the Nursing home told me how they color coordinate the scrubs. Something I didn't know before, but the kitchen wears purple...CNA's wear Pink and so on...How awesome....
Lord Jadus=624....oh the odds...

...Cleave the Land(Divide and Conquer)...Donald Trump. 
Remember June 24th leaves 190 days and so on...

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  1. Shaun Weiss from The Mighty Ducks was just arrested for public intoxication.
    Funny how this comes just shortly after the Duck Boat incident.