Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Molly Ringwald born on 2/18 just like John Hughes-Alex Jones from Austin-Austin Bombers PINK Gloves-Goldberg the Wrestler

Molly Ringwald born on 2/18 just like John Hughes who wrote Pretty in Pink. Remember Hughes died on 8/6 the same day I had all this synchronicity with Hughes/Goldberg/Drillbit Taylor....
8/6 is the 218th day of the year. 
Alex Jones gets taken down today...
Conspiracy Theory=218 
So on...
My sync with Sam the Mighty Ducks on 5/19 was 2 months 18 days before 8/6(218th day). 

Anyway while making my video I talked about Alex Jones being from "Austin, Texas". I then remembered when I last documented about Molly Ringwald it was in connection to the Austin Bomber who got caught because he was wearing PINK Gloves. 
Remember the Austin Bombing was super important to wrestling and WM 34.....

I really have to get some sleep before work, but I was thinking in regards to Goldberg the Goalie....I bet there is something important to the wrestler "Goldberg". 

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  1. Possibly nothing, but the Yankees traded Tyler Austin to the Twins. Tyler is an interesting name too. It's masonic. It means, the keeper of an inn door. The guys who guard the lodges with swords during meetings are called "Tylers"