Thursday, January 11, 2018

Synchronicity showing me "Blind" a few days ago-Korn's song "Blind"-Bridge Symbolism-1952 Bakersfield Earthquake

I was sitting here thinking about the Jeopardy post from a few nights ago. I talked about Stevie Wonder being Blind and John Milton going Blind. 
I started thinking how I just randomly made that Limp Bizkit post and how I used to love the band Korn when I was in high school. Also yesterday at Band practice my drummer even brought up this song for whatever the reason. 
Anyway notice the single "Blind" came out on 8/1. 
KoRn has the backward "R"....R=18 but backwards it's 81. 
Jackson Hewitt=50
Dan Behrendt=50

Look how many times they mention the "Bridge" in the description of the song "Blind". 
Notice the Song is also 4:19 in length...
419 is the 81st prime number. 
Minnesota Bridge Collapse on 8/1...fell 81 feet. 
Coolio born on 8/1. 

Korn from Bakersfield, California..
Bakersfield is the 52nd most populous city in the US. 

Bakersfield had a famous Earthquake in 1952. 

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