Sunday, August 12, 2018

Island theme I noticed that led me to Synchronicity with Frank Sinatra

CNN has a top article right now about the death of V.S. Naipaul. 
Anyway I was looking at some of his works and one with the word "Flag" stuck out to me for obvious reasons. 
Anyway it's called "A Flag on an ISLAND". 
It sparked my brain that lately there have been some big stories that involved Islands...

Bill Murray throwing his drink at Carly Simon's photographer happened on Martha's Vineyard which is an Island in the Atlantic. 

We also had Beebo Russell steal the airplane in Seattle and crash it on Ketron Island...When I went to his Facebook page I saw the only movie they list for his likes section is "Hot Rod"...which is a film made by "The Lonely Island". 

We also had the story about China telling the Navy and CNN reporters to leave immediately when they were flying over the Fortress Islands...

We also had the recent scare of Hurricane Hector hitting Hawaii(Island). 
Also last week doing the Live Stream I remember Young Decoder telling how he wants to buy an Island...
Just documenting as it seems important and it's a pattern that has stuck out to me. 

I was trying to think about what else is important on an Island. I remember a while back I was documenting about the Statue of Liberty which is located on an Island...I just re-looked it up. It was dedicated on 10/28/1886 when Grover Cleveland was president. 
There is also a connection of the Cleveland National Forest Fire to New York...they gave us that article about the Smoke from the fires reaching all the way to New York City which seemed odd to me. 

I know it sounds strange but possibly I'm supposed to see something with Hoboken and Frank Sinatra again. In 2016 just after the Hoboken Train Wreck there was a train wreck on Long Island that was connected to the Indians....The book "A Flag on the Island" has a main character influenced by Frank Sinatra....Hoboken is famous for being the birthplace of Frank Sinatra. Remember my Uncle Barney's funeral song was "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. 

Oddly enough I searched "My Way" on Zach's blog as I know he had some stuff about Frank Sinatra around the time of 112th World Series and Super Bowl 51....The 2nd post that comes up is about "BARNEY" my Uncle Barney who died. The post even from 1/14/14 which is exactly 3 years to the day my Uncle Barney died. 
Better yet is that out of all the voices I've tried to mimic over the years my Barney the Purple dinosaur is the best by far. I even have a friend that asks me to do the Barney voice everytime I see him, which is not very often. Even more odd is that he lives in Des Moines and he knew one of the police officers that was shot the day of Game 7 on the 112th World Series that was connected to my life. 
It's also interesting Zach's post involved "9/11" something that I have been talking about a lot...even the Seattle stolen plane was reminding us of 9/11. 

Here's a post explaining some of the "My Way" stuff. 
Also the movie "Sing" that featured the song on it as well that came out in December of 2016. It was 108 minutes...the main character had the last name "MOON" which was important to Israel/Cleveland/Super Moon stuff. 

Also Frank Sinatra Jr. died on March 16th in 2016 as well. 

ha, I see that his first wife Nancy Sinatra Sr. just recently died too. July 13th, 2018. 

The Wiki page for the song "My Way" has connections to a ton of stuff that I have talked about....Sid Vicious did a remake that was on the film "Goodfellas"...

Also Elvis has is on his Aloha in Hawaii Album...notice the next single was "Unchained Melody" the song I just recently talked about too. Remember Aloha in Hawaii happened the same day as Super VII(Miami Dolphins/Uncle Barney) and it happened on 1/14(same day Barney died). 

Notice Frank Sinatra died the exact same day as Marjory Stoneman Douglas too. 
It's also interesting that my Uncle Barney died 458 days before my Uncle Clancy...
Frank Sinatra=458(Jewish) dies on Israel's independence declaration day
I'll think more on the topic as it comes. Possibly something to do with Rhode Island? 

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  1. I just recently watched Hot Rod. I noticed the next day that I was wearing an Evel Kneivel shirt. Bill Murray was also at the Cubs game tonight.