Sunday, August 12, 2018

Isaiah Thomas calls Cleveland a Shithole-Cleveland to LA Clues-Tupac and Bone Thugs song "Thug Luv" 319, 213

Isaiah Thomas=51
Lebron James=51
Quicken Loans=51
They won the first sports championship for Cleveland in 51 years in 2016. 

Of course the riddle continues with Thomas leaving Cleveland to L.A....Lebron leaving Cleveland to L.A....Tupac and LA to Cleveland. 
I'm sure Tupac is a riddle with it as they want us to think of him with the death of XXXTentacion. Then his cousin drowns in Jamaica where Tupac says he will be in one of his songs. 
Remember Tupac's mother died just before the Cavs won the NBA Finals in 2016 too. 
Think about how Tito Francona died on 2/13 this year too. 
Tupac's final album before he died released on 2/13 and it was 213 days before he died...also LA area code of 213. 
Thug Luv=78=Cleveland
Bone Thugs n Harmony=78(rev red)

Also Thug Luv is Track # 2 on the 2nd disc with the first one having 13 tracks....just makes me think of 213. 
The Art of War=810(sum)
2/13 to the beginning of the 114th WS is 8 months 10 days. 
Rocky Colavito born on 8/10. 

Also remember Tupac's mom was born in Lumberton, NC where Michael Jordan's father was murdered. 

Tupac died 319 days before The Art of War and Thug Luv were released. 
Remember Prince died 319 days after his bday...also had the song 319...Vanity died on the day leaving 319 days in the year. 
Makaveli is name after Niccolo Machiavelli who was famous for "The Prince". Tupac even was a fan of Prince and sampled Prince more than once. 
Also remember how this year the Red Sox got Ian Kinsler.....He was the guy who was traded to Detroit in 2016 for PRINCE Fielder who announced his retirement on Rocky Colavito's bday. Fielder and his Father both had 319 Career HR's. 

I can't help but think even more that it's related to the World Series as when Thomas was in Cleveland he avereage 14.7 points. 
World Series=147

Also remember how there is a big riddle with Detroit/Houston and the Lakers? Isiah Thomas was best friends with Magic Johnson and so on...
Detroit Pistons=175=Los Angeles Lakers=Houston Rockets
Chicago Cubs=206

Also interesting the Indians played a Chicago team the same day of this story...and the Cubs lost 9-4. 
Cleveland Indians=94
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94
Cleveland won staying on 51 losses....
August 11th....11/8...Cleveland in it's 118th season. 

This story comes 185 days after Thomas' bday too. 
Donald John Trump=185=Stock Market Crash=World Trade on..
This year is also the Cubs 147th season

I was thinking about Magic Johnson/Hiv and then Bone Thugs being signed by Eazy E. I never noticed before that Tupac was actually shot on what would have been Eazy E's 32nd bday. 
Eazy E=911(Jewish)

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  1. There was a team called the cleveland rams, and the team moved to LA. He mentioned thug love where 2pac went to cleveland. Thats awsome u did this decode.