Monday, August 6, 2018

Goldberg the Goalie from The Mighty Ducks arrested for Public Intoxication-The Mighty Ducks-Ferris Bueller's Day Off-Drillbit Taylor-Death of John Hughes-Howard the Duck

I was looking at Facebook a second ago and someone posted about Goldberg the Goalie(Shaun Weiss) being arrested. 
Remember how I said the Ray Emery's death was synced to Goldberg and Philadelphia...then we got the Duck Boat crash.....just last night on the Live Stream Sam and I talked about the synchronicity we had with the Mighty Ducks on May Goldberg gets arrested...

Shaun Weiss=39
He's currently 39 years old....
Notice the Duck bus crash also happened 39 days before his bday. 
I noticed too that almost all the articles say he is 38, but even IMDB says he is 39. "Death"=38

Better yet Sam and I's synchronicity was 3 months 9 days(end date) before his bday too. 

Notice too that the last Shaun Weiss was in was Drillbit Taylor.....
Drillbit Taylor was the last film released by writer John Hughes before he died on 8/6 in the year 2009. 
Think about how this story of Weiss came out today on 8/6...although it happened on 8/4 the media chose to report it today on 8/6. 
John Hughes is the guy who wrote "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" that I just talked about. The Ferris Bueller Ferrari was up for auction...Ferris Bueller was coded to the Indians vs the Cubs World Series in 2016...Anyway in the post I mentioned Hughes dying in 2009 and when I looked at the 2009 World Series Wikipedia had the wrong link....when you clicked on the Yankees it would take you to the Cubs 2009 season. 
Ferris Bueller came out on 6/11 in the year 86'. 
The last time someone edited that Wiki page was on 6/11 this year. Then changed it on the anniversary of the Moon landing that is synced to the Cubs.....and also 39 days after 6/11. 
Hughes did die in New York City as well(Yankees), but was buried in Chicago. 
The 39 stuff above is interesting in regards to New York=39 as well. 
Ferris Bueller Ferrari up for Sale-Howard the Duck-John Hughes

See the post above as I talked about how the principal in Ferris Bueller was also the Dark Overlord in Howard the DUCK which is set in Cleveland. 

August 6th also leaves 147 days in the year and is 78 days before the World Series this year. 
World Series=147
New York=78
The Duck Bus Crash in Seattle came 147 weeks before the Duck Boat Crash as well. 

The WS is also 57 days after Weiss' bday on the 239th day...
World Series=57
239 the big number in regards to the FLAG symbolism. 

A few other thoughts....Hughes also wrote the film "Dutch" that I was talking about last year in regards to the death of Darren Daulton(Dutch)....Daulton died on 8/6 as well. He was synced to the Astros winning the World Series...Also in the film Dutch was Christopher McDonald(Shooter McGavin) in Happy Gilmore. I talked about how Happy Gilmore's grandma is Frances BAY and Gordon BOMBAY..

Goldberg was also arrested last year and was sentenced to a 150 day jail sentence...
World Series=150....but I was talking about him in regards to Philadelphia who won the Super Bowl...
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Remember they won 863 days after Pope Francis visited Philadelphia....
150th prime is 863. 

Drillbit Taylor also came out on 3/21 which is Matthew Broderick's bday...

Also in regards to Cleveland....remember Missouri(Duck Boat) became a state 112 years exactly before Rocky Colavito was born on 8/10. 

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  1. I guy at work was telling me that they are making "Happy Gilmour 2" and it's about Shooter McGavin's son. Christopher Mcdonald was arrested for a DUI not long ago. Might be something to look into...