Friday, August 31, 2018

Cubs Daniel Murphy-Joe Maddon in connection to the Jacksonville MADDEN Shooting-Cubs vs Mets suspended Game-Cole Hamels-Daylight Savings Time in 1918 and the Ohio Clock

I got some awesome info earlier in regards to the Cubs and the Jacksonville shooting. 
Daniel Murphy was just recently traded to the Cubs. Remember he is in connection to the Curse of the Billy Goat as the goat was named "Murphy". The day he was traded was when the Cubs were playing Detroit and there was a Rainbow that appeared during the tribute to Aretha Franklin. Remember Aretha Franklin in the Blues Brothers and her husband in the film also died this year. His name was Matt MURPHY. 
Daniel Murphy's bday was also Easter Sunday this year which was important to the day Rocky Colavito was traded and the Holy Fire on 8/6/18. 

Anyway what was pointed out in this message is that Daniel Murphy was born in Jacksonville. Think about the Madden shooting...then think about the Cubs manager Joe Maddon...

Also Daniel Murphy was on the Mets team that knocked the Cubs out of the playoffs on Back to the Future Day in 2015. Notice the Cubs pitcher was a "Hammel"...this year the Cubs picked up Cole Hamels as well. Hamels won the World Series with the Phillies when they beat Joe MADDON's Tampa Bay Rays in 2008. 
Remember Cole Hamels no hit the Cubs on 7/25/2015 as was 88 days before Back to the Future Day. 
Maddon also wears # 70 which is fitting for the Indians=70 and not winning in 70 years. 

Anyway what else sticks out to me in regards to the Jacksonville shooting being all about the War of 1812 is the controversy with Daniel Murphy in 2015. He said didn't agree with "Billy Bean" being Gay. 

The reason Francis Scott Key was near the Battle of Baltimore was to get William Beanes out of jail. 
Think about that....Billy Bean....William Beanes. 
Billy Bean=53
William Beanes=53...
It's connected to Super bowl 53 in Atlanta. 
Think about the Atlanta Braves as well..they were the Team the Indians beat in the 1948 World Series(Boston Braves), but they were once called the BEANeaters too. 

Jacksonville also hosted the first ever Major League Spring Training. 
Also the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp(Minor league) team was originally affiliated with the Cleveland Indians. 

Interesting too the Cubs had another "Tie"/Suspended game against the Mets on 8/28-8/29....Something I have been mentioning all season in regards to the Cubs in 2016. 
The Cubs won in the 11th inning after a score of 1-1...In 2016 the Tie game against Pittsburgh was also 1-1 and it was 11 years after the last "Tie" in 2005. 
Notice after the Suspended "Tie" game the Cubs and Mets played another game. 
The Mets won 10-3...keeping the Cubs on 78 wins....
New York=78
Billy Goat=103
Remember the Cubs finished the season in 2016 with 103 regular season wins which allowed them to win the World Series with 114 wins. 

Also in regards to Cole Hamels being the MVP in 2008 against Joe Maddon's was the only World Series to ever have an official "Suspended" game...Notice wiki mentions the Earthquake series as well but it wasn't an official suspended game. 
Possibly we will get a suspended game in this World Series or another Earthquake/Natural Disaster as I have been thinking? 

In 2016 part of the reason I thought the Indians would play the Cubs in the World series was because of the boy ate by the Alligator on Flag Day. We also had Steve King talking about not replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill at this time. It was all connected to the area I live where Steve King is from..(Buena Vista)...I also mentioned the Obama stuff in regards to the Red Stick and the Red Stick War that coincided with the War of 1812. The Red Stick War was ended by the Treaty of Fort Jackson and allowed Jackson to move on to win the Battle of New Orleans. Also Jackson's Indian Removal Act...

Plus all the Kneeling stuff is connected to the number 88 and 223...
Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223
War of Eighteen Twelve=223=Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner

In regards to the "Tie" stuff above...It reminded me of how it got popular to stand during the national anthem during sporting events at the 1918 World Series.(Cubs vs Boston). This was also the year WWI came to an end on 11/11 at 11. I was reading about Ties being canceled due to Darkness and an article mentioned how Daylight Savings time started in 1918 as well. This year it switches again on 11/4 just after the 114th World Series. Wouldn't it be something if the series is delayed and ends on 11/4 or something of the sort? 
Similar to how it got pushed back to 11/4 after 9/11. 

Anyway I looked into Daylight Savings time...Notice Wiki shows us the picture of the Ohio Clock being changed in the US Capitol building for the first ever DST...

Notice how the Clock is 11 feet tall...then it was delivered in the year 17'. They say it possibly got it's name because of Ohio being the 17th state and the 17 stars on it. 
Saturn/El the Keeper of Time...
Eye=17(eye on Saturn)
Think about Ohio in regards to Time as well. 
Tick Tock=47
Think about how the Freemason Compass is set at 47 degrees..
The Tropics are 47 degrees apart. 
White House=47
Don't forget too that "Time"=187(satanic)
Washington DC=187
George Washington=187
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187
Society of Jesus=187
187 Chapters in the Torah...the first 5 books in which God is most likely Saturn/El. 

Notice the Clock Stopped on 10/9 in the year 2013 as well. 
Daylight Savings Time=109(Rev red)

Also "Time"=144(Jewish)

Forty Four=144
1,440 Minutes in a Day or..
2 sets of 12 hours....12X12=144

I'm honestly surprised that there are 48 states that do DST and not 47. Only 47 of the Lower 48 states do however as Arizona and Hawaii are the only states who do not do it. 

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  1. Yesterday, I read an article of how the EU is considering getting rid of 'time change' and each country will be allowed to stay with Summer time or Winter time year round.
    Also, you never happened to me then how this year the Yankees won 7-2, 72 days before the World Series. Trump is 72 and from New York. On 10/23 this year will be Trump's 641st day in office. 641 is the reflection of his birthday. Also, 6/14 - 10/23 = 131 days.
    Plus, the same day of the Yankees 7-2 win, the Cubs win on a walk-off Grand Slam. Then, 2 days later, the Cubs lose 7-0, 70 days before World Series.
    New York Yankees = 70.
    Factor that in with the Cubs winning 9-6, 96 days before World Series.
    Earlier in the year, the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Twins 14-9, 149 days before the AL WildCard game. The Yankees defeated the Twins last year in the Wild Card game.
    Cincinnati Reds = 70.
    P.S. - last year, August 25th the RedSox lost 16-3, 163 days before Super Bowl 52, where the Patriots lost.
    Seriously don't think it's going to be the Indians this year. Take a closer look at the Yankees.
    Last year towards the end of the year, Twitter changed the max character limit to 280 characters.
    Twitter = 147. 690.