Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fergie's National Anthem Peformance at All Star Game-Death of Marvin Gaye

Christina Aguilera tries to tribute Whitney Houston at 45th AMA's.
This story of Fergie doing a terrible job singing the national anthem reminds me of the blog post above. Christina Aguilera tried to tribute Whitney Houston at the 45th AMA's hosted by 45 year old Tracee Ellis.....but Christina Aguilera was also known for singing a terrible version of the national anthem at Super Bowl 45 too. She forgot the words and what not....Whitney Houston known for the best ever National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991. 
NBA All Star Game=45
This just after the big Valentines stuff on the 45th day of the year...

This happens 3 months 27 days before "Flag Day"...
Notice Fergie born on 3/27 as well. 
Three Hundred Twenty Seven=112(rev red)
Fergie=112(reverse) 112(Jewish)

This comes 37 days before her bday...
All Star Game=37

Fergie Duhamel=69, 114..
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 78
Lebron James=42, 114
She is currently 42 years old...
National Anthem=78(rev red)
NBA Finals=78

It's also interesting the story mentions Marvin Gaye's performance in 1983...The year that Philadelphia beat the Lakers in the Finals...
Think about the National Anthem/Flag stuff that was synced up to the Super Bowl won by Philadelphia..
Fergie currently 42 years old...
Marvin Gaye born on 4/2..

Possibly nothing but interesting Gaye dies 1 day before turning 45 years old....His middle name "Pentz"...reminds me of Mike Pence and Trump....
Mike Pence=45, 45(rev red)...Trump the 45th president. 
Think about Marvin Gaye's songs in regards to Valentines Day too...A lot of love/sex type songs...

Gaye died 59 weeks after his peformance at the NBA All Star Game...
59, 42...the numbers on Black People...
2/13...."The NBA Finals"=213(reverse)
Marvin Pentz Gay Jr=213(reverse)

Marvin Gaye=56(rev red)
He dies 56 days or 1 month 26 days before the 84' NBA Finals. 
NBA All Star Game=126
Stacy Ferguson=56

He dies in 84'...
Marvin Pentz Gay Jr=84
He was shot to death by his father who died age 84. 
Marvin Pentz Gay Sr=84

His father killed him when he was age 69....
Then his father dies 6 months 9 days after the anniversary of killing him. 
Also interesting that 4/1 is normally the 91st day and 10/1 leaves 91 days in the year....

So his dad was a crossdresser that's why he added the "E" to Gay in his name lol...

Notice the gun he was killed with was a .38 he gave to his dad in 83' on Christmas.  
This was also 3 months 8 days before he died.
Then his dad killed him 38 minutes after noon. 

I also wanted to point out that Fergies solo Albums both involve "Dutch"....

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  1. Hey Dan, when i saw this story about Fergie i thought of Roseanne, who famously murdered the national anthem right before a baseball game, I believe that bush sr even had an opinion on it to share with the country, anyway Roseanne is going to have a reboot of 13? episodes. Kinda relates to your fat guy theme. I’m not sure if the article above mentionedd that Marvin gaye’s version of the national anthem was not the typical arrangement of the song, it was slow slide Fergie tried to make her version. A coworker asked me if i had seen ferries version yet, he said it was like a Marilyn Monroe happy birthday mr president type thing. Anyways great work as always. Your themes always inform mine so if you have a chance please check out my blog at