Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Brexit story in the media on 11/13-Brexit connections to the Royal Family

Brexit was in the news again yesterday, just before Prince Charles bday. 
Something I never noticed before about Brexit is that...
European Union=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168 and 84(rev red)
It's all about Theresa May who is the prime minister. 
Prime Minister=168, 84(rev red) and 623(satanic)
European Union=623(satanic)
Remember the Brexit vote was on 6/23. 

Think about that in regards to the UK possibly leaving the EU on the 88th day of 2019(3/29/2019). 
Remember Brexit(2016) synced to the election of "Trump"=88 and his national convention 88 days after Elizabeth's bday with the song by "Queen" in Cleveland.....just after the Cavs(followers of Charles) won the NBA Finals on the real King James bday. 

The vote was 1010 days before they will leave the EU...

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