Sunday, November 11, 2018

Finger Eleven-First Time somehow got in my Kanye West Playlist-SLUG

Yesterday on 11/10 I was uploading my video about the WWE/Earthquake/King symbolism. I was adding links in the description but figured I would update my Kanye Playlist since I haven't put the recent videos in it. Anyway when I opened up the playlist I noticed that somehow a video by the band "Finger Eleven" is in this playlist. I have no idea why it would be there unless somehow I accidently did it, but even so it's a pretty specific band for this to happen with. I wonder how long it's been there too? 
Anyway what's hilarious is that 11 days before noticing this I documented about synchronicity I had with the band "Finger Eleven" and track # 11 days later on my birthday I notice this song in my Kanye West playlist....Funnier that I'm documenting about it on 11/11 as well because I had to DJ a wedding yesterday and didn't have time to blog about it. Then I had to work at 11am this morning on 11/11 so just now looking into this more. 
Thinking about how we have 10 Fingers is interesting too in regards to Finger 11 and my bday is 11/10. 

Interesting this video has been on Youtube for 3229 days. 
3229 is the 457th prime number. 

My computer broke the next day after this synchronicity on 10/30 too. I lost a bunch of MP3's for DJing that I had to redownload. What's funny is that the wedding I DJ'd for gave me a list of songs to download and they were all "Rap" songs except a few of them. One of the songs was "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven which I thought was strange...especially because I told my girlfriend that Finger Eleven was one of my favorite bands until they put out that album and the song "Paralyzer". We also had that kid who was Paralyzed from eating the Slug story that reminded me of this song...

Just documenting too...the band is from "Burlington, Ontario"=224
I recently talked about 224 with Japan...Mayweather....

Also it's interesting the Album is "The Greyest of Blue Skies" considering it's in the Kanye West playlist that is all about "Grey"....Freddie Gray...Slipknot's Paul Gray and so on...

WTF? I just went to Twitter, because although it won't share my new videos or at least let me see that it does show when I put videos in a playlist. 
Anyway it said that I tweeted this in the early hours of Nov. 10th....I just figured it out too. My best friend was on the computer that night and for some reason he wrote this on my twitter that I never use lol.....I just text him and asked him and he said he did it...
Best part though...
Spoiler Alert: God is Real=129(rev red) and 327(reverse)
His full name equals 129 and 327. 
His bday is also on Nov. 20th which means that he was born on my 11th day of being alive or 10 days after me. 

So apparently I somehow added that song to my Kanye Playlist on that same night of the synchronicity. I don't understand how though? Especially for it to go in the Kanye playlist out of all my other playlists...It's just weird. 
Especially since I was listening to it on a whole different youtube channel....The one in my playlist is from "Salivabizkit"...but I was listening to the album on "J Johnson". 

Daniel Behrendt=611(satanic)
Dan Behrendt=Finger Eleven

I went to the actual video of the song "First Time" thinking maybe the video has some details, but look at the 2nd comment...I guess this song is on a Dragon Ball Z movie called "Lord SLUG". 

It came out on 8/7/2001 in America...which was 95 days before my bday...
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Remember how I said the movie that gave me the most nightmares as a kid was called "Slugs"...

In regards to that wedding being all about "Rap" and me finding it strange to have the Finger Eleven Song on their makes me think of Atmosphere and the rapper "Slug" from Minneapolis. Mac Miller just died on his birthday 9/7. 

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  1. Atmosphere/Slug has a song called Kanye West. Don't know if that helps or adds to your confusion, lol, but thought you would want to know if you didn't already..