Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Joe Perry hospitalized after collapsing-Pink-Brazil-Earthquakes-612

Joe Perry of Aerosmith collapses and then is hospitalized. 
Remember Aerosmith was connected to the "PINK" symbolism and also they are from BOSTON...this comes just after the Red Sox win the World Series. 
What stands out the most to me in regards to this story is the fact someone pointed out to me that Amanda Nunes wasn't in UFC 190 against Ronda Rousey. I went back and looked and realized I made the error, but in noticing it I discovered a bunch of new things that are related to what I was saying. Rousey actually fought Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in Brazil...Correia from Brazil....
Revelation 6:12...Earthquakes....King James bday is 6 months 12 days Lebron James bday...

Anyway if you go back and look at my old posts, I have one about Aerosmith and my cousin running sound at their concert in BRAZIL. 
What else is interesting is that my cousins full name equals 120....We got that Brazil National Museum fire on 9/2 this year...9/2 leaves 120 days in the year. 
He was performing with Billy Joel...
Billy Joel=612(sumerian)

Joe Perry is 68 years old. 
William Joel=68(rev red)


Aerosmith cancelled their tour in Brazil just before the Las Vegas shooting when Steven Tyler got sick...now Aerosmith is taking residency in Las Vegas next year...
Something I talked about in 2015 was Billy Joel's song Allentown in regards to Philadelphia and the movie "The Hangover"...also Allentown is known as the "Queen City". 
Think about "The Hangover" in regards to Las Vegas as well. 

This story comes 62 days after Joe Perry's bday and 6 months 2 days after Billy Joel's bday. 

William Martin Joel=1114(eng ext.)
Prince Charles bday is 11/14. 

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