Monday, November 19, 2018

Lakers next game against the Cavaliers-King Charles-Josh Richardson Shoe Throwing-WWE Survivor Series at Staples Center-David Arquette Death Match

The Lakers beat the Heat and Lebron scores 51 points...Next they are playing the they play Lebron's 2 former teams back to back..
Funny they played the Magic before that too considering the Cavs won the NBA Finals after Lebron wore the Undertaker shirt on the same day as the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting. 
Cleveland won it's first sports championship in 51 years. 
Lebron James=51=Cleveland=Quicken Loans=WWE and so on..

I think the Lakers will beat the Cavs on 11/21 to become 10-7. A loss would be 9-8 which makes sense to a bunch of things....but 10-7 makes more sense to me. 
King Charles=107
Cavalier is a follower of King Charles. 
Also interesting to me that I've been documenting all the "11" stuff and the Lakers play the Cavs 11 days after they played the KINGS...
11/21 is also 11 weeks before Queen Elizabeth's anniversary being the Queen. 
Also the date of 21/11 sticks out because 2111 is the 318th prime number. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=318
Prince Charles bday is the 318th day of the year. 
Diana died on 31/8. 
318 the "God" number on Touch...
Notice above 11 weeks is alos 77 days...
3/18 the 77th day...
This game is also played 151 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday.
Jesus Christ=151

I need to think more on Josh Richardson throwing his shoe tonight too. 
Josh Richardson=161
Shoe Throwing=161
Joshua Michael Richardson=108

Shoe Throwing is a form of protest that dates way back. Notice when you look it up, the wiki page mentions Condoleeza Rice...Her bday is 11/14 which is Prince Charles bday. Which is also why we got the story today of her possibly coaching the Cleveland Browns. 
Condoleeza Rice=161
Civil War=161
I only mention this because of the English Civil War in which followers of Charles were Cavaliers. 

There's a lot more I need to look at, but I have to get some sleep. For example the David Arquette Death Match reminds me of Prince Charles vs Prince(singer) in Celebrity Death Match that I documented in 2016. 
Plus we just had WWE Summer Slam in Los Angeles at the Staples center where the Lakers play tonight. Notice there was a controversy with "Enzo Amore" too. 
Enzo Amore=1111(eng ext) and 427(satanic), 131
Prince Charles=131
11 11 and 4/27 was the day of the Greatest Royal Rumble. 
He just released an Album called "Rosemary's Baby" and the film Rosemary's Baby came out on 6/12 reminding us of Lebron wearing the Undertaker shirt. 

Much much more, hopefully I will get time to look at it tomorrow. 

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