Monday, November 5, 2018

California Teacher punches 14 year old boy

This story happens on 11/2. 
They make sure to let us know the boy used a Racial Slur. 
I'm assuming that word was "Nigger"=60
Or possibly it was Negro as this story happened on the day that leaves 59 days in the year. 
Negro=59=Slave=Cottonpicker and so on...

California Teacher=311(reverse)
The teacher was 64 years old...
64th prime is 311
Civil Rights=64 passed in 64' and so on..
November Second=64

It's also interesting the teachers name...
Marston Riley=33, 169
I documented like crazy the connection to the Indians with 169 and them being in the 112th world series. Now we get a story on 11/2...
Cleveland Indians=148
California Teacher=148
Maywood Academy=148
Funny I just randomly looked at the clock and it's 1:48am too. 

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