Thursday, November 1, 2018

My computer crashed 444 days after my last computer-Ric Flair-Hulk Hogan-Roddy Piper-Ronda Rousey-Crown Jewel-423 Prince Louis-Bridge Earthquake

My laptop hard drive is done. Of course I didn't have anything backed up so I lost a whole years worth of mp3's downloading for DJing and all my videos and wordpad....Thankfully my hard drive from my last computer still works so I was able to get everything from August 2017 and before onto this old computer that goes slower than crap. Gonna be a blast trying to run Karaoke on this Saturday, but I think it will all work out. 
Anyway I was looking at the last time my computer broke which wasn't too long ago.....How interesting that they both broke 444 days apart...
Masonic=444=Jesus=Cross=Messiah=Gospel=Gematria and so on...
I documented about the computer on a post about Ric Flair which is also interesting as his real name is "FRED Phillips". 
Fred Phillips=134, 190(reverse)
I've recently documented a lot about the Royal Family and Wrestling..
King Charles III=134
King Charles=190(reverse)

Notice the Wikipedia of the WWE Crown Jewel now? They mention Hulk Hogan's racial slur and suspension in 2015. Remember this was right around the time Roddy Piper died..
He was reinstated on the 196th day this year....I mentioned this number in the mix with the Ralph stuff..
Also notice it's at a different stadium then the Greatest Royal Rumble. 

The Crown Jewel is in the stadium named after King Fahd...
Notice he died on 8/1....the BRIDGE number...also the day of Ronda Rousey's last UFC win at UFC 190..
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190
Rousey's final fight was against "Amanda Nunes"=190

Look at King Fahd too....his first visit to the US was in San Francisco...he also went on his first official state visit in 1953 to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Also remember Hulk Hogan's bday is the same day as San Francisco Mayor London Breed. Hulk is hosting the Crown Jewel...think about his feud with the Iron Sheik too...
Hulk Hogan=52, 128
Terry Bollea=52
Crown Jewel=52

128 is a number I have mentioned in regards to Earthquakes and Philadelphia. 

Something I missed in a previous post in regards to Prince Philip..
Prince Philip=423(eng ext)
August 1st above.....Eighty One=423
Iron Sheik=423
Prince Louis was born on 4/23 this year as well and he wasn't named until 4/27 which was the day of the greatest Royal Rumble. 

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