Saturday, November 17, 2018

Minnesota Timberwolves win with 112 points in the Prince Jersey Tribute game-The War of the Roses

The Timberwolves win with 112 points in the game where their jersey's were a Tribute to Prince. 
Remember Prince died on the 112th day of the year in 2016...He was connected to the 112th World Series. 

Notice they also won their 16th game of the season by 16 points on the 16th of November. 
Wolf=16(rev red)
The Blazers have 96 points. 
One Hundred Twelve=96

So I'm listening to Zach's video on this topic as I'm writing my post up. I was thinking how earlier tonight Memphis seemed important because of the Carmelo/Zaevion Dobson story in Tennessee....Memphis also played the KINGS tonight. Then tomorrow night Memphis plays Houston(Carmelo's team). 
Notice they are the only other team to score 112 tonight as well....
but what is funny is that I was reading the right side of the screen about Jimmy Butler saying it's just that Easy and Zach said the same thing in his video at the same time.....
Just That Easy=169
If we break it down and make the synchronicity easy the word "EASY" was key. 
King Charles III=190(satanic)
I mean it's hilarious to me as I always tell myself I'm making it too complicated and confusing myself when the answer is usually right in front of me.....who knows. 

The Lakers also play Orlando tomorrow reminding us of the Pulse Nightclub shooting just after Prince died and Lebron wearing the Ultimate Warrior shirt......
I saw the number 328 a lot today at work too and I've always associated it with Chicago..."Chicago Illinois"=328(Jewish)...but I'm seeing now that "Los Angeles"=328(Jewish)
Luke Walton's bday is 3/28 too. 
Luke Walton=134
King Charles III=134

I was thinking about how I documented that "Rose" was important in this....Derrick Rose's 50 point game....Portland the City of Roses....The Love/Valentines is connected to Teen Wolf/Oregon...
The War of the ROSES was what led to the House of Tudor coming to power....Notice before this the last king was Richard III....he was the king that got reburried that made Leicester have a good season in 2016.....The House of Tudor then came to and end when ELIZABETH I died and King James took over.... 

King Richard III=96 and 619(satanic)
King James born in 6/19 and so on..

What I'm wondering is the same thing I've been saying....If Elizabeth II dies we will get a new "House"...the House of Mountbatten-Windsor...

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