Friday, November 2, 2018

Minnesota to wear Prince inspired Jerseys on 11/16-Teen Wolf-Valentines symbolism I've been documenting since 2015-Royal Family-William Shakespeare-Rome

I caught the end of Zach's live stream last night in which he talked about the Minnesota Timberwolves unveiling new PRINCE Jersey's. They are going to wear them on November 16th against the Portland Trailblazers. 

I knew it was connected Queen Elizabeth as she is important to Lupercalia and Prince died on her bday. 
Notice they are going to wear them 5 months and 5 days before Queen Elizabeth's 93rd bday. 
Target Center=55
Minneapolis Minnesota=93
Located on the 93W
Minnesota Timberwolves=93
So on...

They will wear them 939 days or 2 years 6 months 26 days after Prince died too. 93 front and back..
Queen=26, 62
Elizabeth born in 26'...became Queen on 2/6 and later turned 26 that year. She as also coronated on 6/2 or 2/6. 

Also it's funny how I brought up the connection to Teen Wolf not that long ago with UCLA and Nebraska, now we are getting this story...Remember Vanity died on the last day of Lupercalia in 2016...then Prince died on 4/21...
Lupercalia is a Wolf Festival in honor of the shewolf who suckled Romulus and Remus...Romulus later founded ROME on 4/21. 
Think about the recent bombing stories that are connected to Julius Caesar and Mark Antony....
Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar begins on 2/15 which is the last day of Lupercalia as well. 
Think about how it's the 46th day of the year too. Remember they have made popular that if you go to the 46th Psalm and count 46 words into it the word is "Shake" and 46 words from the end the word is "Spear". This only works if you take out the word "Selah" though. 
Shakespeare also could have been 46 years old in 1611 for part of the year....Think about the date November 16th....16/11 too. 

I see William Shakespeare died on 4/23 too a number I have been mentioning in regards to this....
What do you know...

Funny too how I've heard people say that Shakespeare might actually be Francis Bacon too...
William Shakespeare=239(Francis Bacon Gematria)
Think about how the KJV was so important to Pope Francis' visit in the 239th year of the US. 

Shakespeare's wife died on 8/6 too. 

Think about Derrick ROSE scoring 50 the other night too. It's just super fitting he would play for the Timberwolves now. If you go back and watch my videos from 2015 I talked about Derrick Rose multiple times in regards to the Teen Wolf/Valentines/Lupercalia theme....It's why Kevin HART, Kevin LOVE..Zach Lavine(Loving) were important too. There were tons of references to Love/Hearts/Rose and so on that year. It was even the year Pete ROSE was trying to be reinstated and he was denied. 

Funny as November 16th was important a long time ago as well when  I mentioned this in my old videos about the Teen Wolf symbolism. 
11/16 leaves 45 days in the year....Valentines the 45th day of the year. It's why Denzel Valentine hit the game winner on Valentines Day in 2015...then went on to play for the Bulls wearing # 45 like Michael Jordan who was important to all of it. Denzel Valentines bday also 11/16. 
Also on Valentines 2015 Benson Henderson won the UFC and he was born on 11/16....Matt Kenseth won Nascar that day and he was born on 3/10 which was the same day Zach Lavine was born who won the Slam Dunk Contest. 

Rose was also important because his bday was 10/4.
10/4 was the last day of the Julian Calendar in 1582 before the switch to the Gregorian Calendar. 
Also 10/4 leaves 88 days in the year...he was born in 88'...10:04 important to Back to the Future that has the 88 mph Time Travel Speed. 
Also think about how they are going to debut the Prince jerseys against Portland.....Portland is the City of ROSES.
It makes me think of Seal and Kiss from a Rose too...I see he is 55 this year and that song was on the Batman where Riddler uses Gematria haha.  

Plus the Timberwolves current coach is Tom Thibodeau who was the Chicago Bulls coach in 2015 too. 

Karl Anthony Towns was also a TEEN Wolf in his rookie season...He quit being a Teen Wolf on 11/16 as his bday is 11/15. 

Think about how they are going to wear the Jersey's against the Trailblazers as well....Remember Teen Wolf set in Oregon and the Beaver comes from the Oregon State Beavers...Also Oregon became a state on none other than Valentines Day 1859. 

Minnesota the 32nd state.
Oregon the 33rd state..
Notice Minnesota became a state 9 months 3 days before Oregon too. 
Saturn=93 and 511

Valentines to 11/16 is 9 months 3 days too. 

Also Think about how Derrick Rose's 50 point game comes against the Utah Jazz...reminding me of Mormons...
The Book of Mormon written by the prophets up to 421 AD. 

Romulus and Remus=214
2/14 is Valentines Day
Prince died on 4/21 or 21/4. 

Just throwing this in here, cause I think it might be related..I recently saw a story of Pete Davidson joking about his breakup with Ariana Grande...Notice his bday of 11/16...93' too. 
Pete Davidson=134, 190(reverse)
King Charles=190(reverse)
King Charles III=134
Mac Miller died 134 days before his bday and important to Nike...
Kaepernick thing on 9/3...
Ariana Grande=93...debut album in 93'...
Pete Davidson's father died in 9/11.....Flight 93....93' WTC bomb..

Leicester were crowned champions in 2016 the day after a tie with Manchester United.....
Manchester Arena bombing?....
Ariana Grande=513(satanic)
5/13 was a big date in 2016 in regards to Prince Charles as was the 134th day and more. 

Someone even pointed out to me(sorry don't remember who right now) that the College Football Championship will be in Levi's Stadium this year on 1/7. 
How fitting..."Moses"=17  He was in the tribe of Levi and so on..

They even announced Levi's stadium to be the 2019 championship game stadium in 2015 just before Nebraska beat UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl held here. 
Funny too how UCLA, Nebraska and Oregon State all have 2-6 records at the moment. Wouldn't be surprised if they all finish with the same record....
The RAMS were really important to all of this as well. 


  1. tomorrow is Egyptian Valentine's Day. 11/16 very interesting because it's Trump's 666th day as president, 156th day of his age and 150,600 hours after 9/11. Thinking some news for Kushner at the least. I did see an article recently abouht Jared, Ivanka and Hugh Jackman. Not sure yet what that's all about

    1. Interesting that yesterday, Nov. 2/18, there was another attack on Coptic Christians with a gunman on a bus killing 7 and injuring 14. There have been a number of "bombings" and "attacks" on Coptic Christians the past couple of years in Egypt and always around a "holyday".
      The Coptic Priests really have a "spooky" look about them.