Thursday, November 1, 2018

Lebron and Klay Thompson's Halloween costumes and more 11

I've been saying for a long time now that Lebron's halloween costume is always important to what is going on....
Remember before the Cavs won in 2016 Lebron was "PRINCE" and Kevin Love was "Jackie Moon"...then Prince died on the night of a Full Moon just before the Cavs won the Finals. 
Funny how this year Lebron is Jason Voorhees and Klay Thompson is Jackie Moon...
Also funny how my last post I mentioned Detroit and Prince and seeing this article.....Flint(Michigan)

In regards to how I've recently seen the number 11 a 2016 Klay Thompson and the riddle with the Cavs/Warriors was all about 11...
Thompson wears # 11 was drafted 11th in 2011. 
Klay Thompson=169
11th prime is 31..
California the 31st state.
Remember in 2016 the Warriors go Anderson Varejao 31 days after The Warriors beat the Cavs on 1/22 by 34(same day Blatt was fired). The Warriors picked up Varejao to replace # 31 Ezeli who missed 31 games...Varejao's first game with the Warriors was 11 games after Ezeli was out. Varejao played 31 games with the Cavs before being traded. 
All of it stems back to 11....

I bring this up again too because Klay just recently set the record of 14 3's in a game against the Bulls. 
Remember 2016 was also the year the Warriors beat the Bulls regular season record for wins. 
Steph and Klay both shot 9 of 23 for the first time in their careers in the 2014-15 season...both against the Bulls. Klay shot 9 of 23 against the Bulls on 12/6/14...Then Steph did it in a loss against the Bulls on 1/27/15. This was the last Home loss they had before the 54 Home game win streak began. Steph also shot 9 of 23 in the 1st game of that streak against the Suns on 1/31/15. 

Lebron James shot 9 of 23 on 11/4 that year which was 51 days before they lost to the Warriors...then later on beat them in the NBA Finals ritual all about 51. 
Lebron James=114 and 923

Also Steph and Klay set the NBA record for 3's as teammates in 2016 the same day they beat the Chicago Bulls regular season record. 

Haha I was trying to find my info on the Bulls and 9 of 23 stuff with Klay and Steph/ girlfriend is sleeping on the couch before she works at 10 and she wakes up and asks me.."What Time is it"...I look down to see the time and of course it was 9:23pm. 
It's also funny that I just looked up Y2K or 722 a number important to pi. Klay Alexander Thompson=314 
Curry born on 3/14.

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