Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hitler announced the final dissolution of Freemasonic Lodges on 8/8

I was looking back at Hitler and the Nazi's considering the recent stories about the Nazi salute/signs..
Notice how Hitler announced the final dissolution of all Masonic Lodges in Germany on 8/8 in 1935....
Enabling Act=88

So Hitler hates Freemasonry because the Jews had major influence on them....yet he writes about well known Freemason Henry Ford in Mein Kampf and was also influenced by Henry Ford....Ford a supposed Jew Hater....
Remember Ford died 8 months 8 days after his bday on 4/7/47...
Ford Motor Company=211
211 the 47th prime..
We know about 47 and Freemasonry...
Mein Kampf=47(rev red), and 88
Mein Kampf came out in English 8 years 88 days after it came out in Germany. 
The International Jew=88
Heil Hitler....HH...88
Heinrich Himler...
Baldur Von Schirach=88 dies on 8/8. 

The Germans looked up to Ford over the great benefactor Herbert Hoover...HH...according to Baldur. 

Don't forget...
Adolf Hitler=187(reverse)
Mein Kampf came out in Germany on 18/7. 
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187
187 Chapters in the Torah
George Washington=187
Washington DC=187
Society of Jesus=187

It's how it's been done forever. They control both sides and don't let the majority of people see or think about anything outside of it. 

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