Friday, November 30, 2018

Amazon Echo Dot-Alexa and the song "I Poop"

My daughter and girlfriend bought an Alexa/Echo Dot the other day. It was supposed to be my Christmas present but they were messing with it and didn't want to put it away I guess. 
Anyway I showed Claire how Alexa makes Fart Noises and she randomly asked her to play a Poop song. 
This song played and was actually pretty funny, so I figured I'd look the song up. 
Right away I see it was posted on Youtube on none other than 6/24. 

Amazon=29(rev red)
Echo Dot=29(rev red)
Alexa=29(rev red)
Robot=29(yes Alexa is not a Robot, but many people refer to the voice as such). 

It came out on 11+6+14=31


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