Monday, November 5, 2018

The names of the Rugrats-South Park 9/11 conspiracy episode blaming Kyle the Jew

I can't remember exactly what we were doing the other night, but somehow I was showing Claire my videos. She asked me why I'm on the computer so much because it's not gonna help me for my job or DJing haha. I told her why I'm on the computer a lot and showed her Gematria. She didn't quite understand, but she did notice some patterns. Tonight she was on this computer watching Hulu and she even pointed out that our other TV said the word "Night" the same time an ad was playing on the Hulu that popped up the word "Night" was great that she noticed it.  
Anyway she saw this picture of me on an old video and said it didn't look like me, so I clicked on it.  I noticed the Rugrats blanket in the background and was thinking started thinking about the names of the Rugrats...
Phil and Lil are the TWINS. 
The Main Character is Tommy...
Thomas means Twins...
We also have Chucky who wears the Saturn shirt...
Also "Angelica"...."Angel..ica". 

So who knows just wanted to document it..
Rugrats=624(sumerian) too. 
Also intersting that the first episode came out on the August 11th date. 
The Rugrats also have the Jewish Episodes and Tommy's mother is Jewish. 

South Park was also on earlier tonight and it was an episode about 9/11 conspiracies...Funny part is that Cartman does a bunch of crazy nonsense with numbers and then blames Kyle for 9/11.....Of course Kyle the "Jew"..
Later on in the episode they find out that 9/11 conspiracies were created by the same people who made 9/11 happen. Just funny as it's things I've been saying for a while. It's all purposefully planned such as Bob Kerrey saying it's a 30 year conspiracy...the reporter even says article 3 section 3....

I really hope my computer comes tomorrow, because this computer sucks. I'm backing everything up multiple times from now on too...last night DJing with this slow old computer and missing about 10,000 mp3's was stressful. 

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