Friday, November 16, 2018

Family Guy episode with "PINK Brian" was on when I got home tonight-Ralph Garman

Earlier tonight after work I had to go to Council Bluffs. When we got back Jasmine wanted to lay down for a bit before she had to work. She turned on the TV and layed down. A bit later I sat down and started watching the TV and of course it was something to do with "PINK". Brian Griffin gets spray painted Pink by some kids who stole Stewies candy...then the Pink Panther comes out and tells him "Welcome to Hell" because he's Pink...

It's season 9 episode 4 or the 151st episode of Family Guy...
Brian Griffin=289(Jewish)
Dan Behrendt=289(Jewish)

I'm not sure if it means anything but it sticks out to me as it says this guy "Ralph Garman" made an appearance in the show. Ralph sticks out to me in regards to a lot of things I have documented but his last name is what got me..Last week I used my phone for navigation to a wedding I was DJing...I was randomly thinking about if anyone uses a "Garmin" anymore because you can just get directions from your phone. Then I came home and I saw some meme about Garmins..I didn't document it as I was trying to catch up on other things but funny I see "Ralph" and it catches my attention....Then his last name is Garman? 
Ralph Garman=55
He's going to turn 55 tomorrow...

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