Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mandy MOORE and her boyfriend CNN article-Pink/Moore/Mollie-Royal Family -Synchronicity with film "Tangled"

Haha I document earlier about the "PINK" stuff being in connection to "MOORE". I go to CNN now and I see this article about Mandy MOORE and her fiance Taylor Goldsmith.....
Look at that....Taylor Goldsmith born on 7/17 just like Pink's husband Carey Hart. 

This is Us=404(satanic)
King James=404(satanic)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Arrived in America at 4:04pm and so on..

My mind is blown right now...I'm looking up Mandy Moore and she plays the voice of Rapunzel in the film "Tangled"....Just last night Claire turned on this movie and I watched part of it with her. I was asking questions because I had never seen it before, which her and Jasmine couldn't believe. Now I see Mandy Moore is the voice of it...just crazy. 

Notice it premiered on 11/14 which is Prince Charles bday too. 
Which is also today in 2018. 

It's funny that on her wikipedia it mentions how she will voice Rapunzel on the film "Wreck it RALPH Breaks the Internet"...
Think abou the Ralph stuff in connection to the Royal Family....

I guess Ralph meets the Disney characters and the Muppets....funny as now that I look back at the story of Pink's husband there was another story about Kevin MCCARTHY right next to it.....Remember how the Moore/Pink/Molly stuff all interrelated...I talked about the Muppets movie with Melissa MCCARTHY...

Mandy Moore also in the Princess Diaries....I always think of the dumb movie "Saved" when I think of her though. 

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