Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Iowa lady wins part of the Powerball Jackpot on 10/27/18

 The lady in Iowa who won the Powerball on October 27th won it 153 days after her bday in the town of Redfield. 
Three Hundred Forty Four Million=160
Lerynne West=160
Root of All Evil=63
Powerball Jackpot=63

Honestly I just thought it was interesting that her bday is also the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge opening. 

Interesting her grandson just died this year as well. I wonder what the actual day was as we've seen things like this go hand in hand. 

This story was in the 515 area code, but in Western Iowa we have the 712 area code....just stuck out to me considering the below. 
Powerball Winner=712(satanic)

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