Thursday, November 29, 2018

First 2 stories I read tonight involved 164-WWE Macho Man-Village People-King Charles-Jesse Ventura-Jake the Snake

I finally am able to sit down and look at some stories today. Right away these two stories stuck out to me. The first one about the 77 pound tumor was on the headlines on Yahoo and the Jesse Ventura article was in the headlines on CNN. 
Hector Hernandez=164
James George Janos=164 and 88(rev red)
I've been saying the number 164 is important and here I am drawn to it without knowing yet again. 
77 pound tumor....11+28+20+18=77

This story comes 137 days(end date) after Ventura's bday. 
Today leaves 33 days in the year. 
137 is the 33rd prime number. 
Jesse Ventura=159
Donald Trump=159(Reverse)

Also at one point in his career Jesse Ventura had a Tag Team with Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. 

Thinking about Macho Man it made me look up the song by the Village People. Interesting on Wiki it right away mentions the date of 6/24. 

I wonder if we should watch for the "Indian" in the Village People as 624 was the big number connected to the Indians in baseball and King Charles...He has the last name "Rose" and born on 1/12 in which the Cleveland Indians were connected to. 

Another interesting piece of info I found with the Village People...there's speculation that the "Falling Man" at the WTC attacks was the brother of Village Person Alexander Briley. Notice his bday on the 102nd day of the year. 
Al Qaeda=102....attack lasted 102 minutes. 
United States of America=102

Randy Savage was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015 when Wrestlemania 31 happened at Levi's Stadium. All the Earthquake stuff with Ronda Rousey and so on....
He had a heart attack while driving his Jeep Wrangler too. 
Jeep Wrangler=134, 190(reverse)
King Charles=190
King Charles III=134
Heart Attack=189
Remember how 189 and 190 were related a while back. 

12/4(end date) is 164 days after 6/24....
124 is the Fat Comedian Number.....Ralph....
I was watching the Conners earlier tonight and Jackie calls Dan the King of England...Dan is King Ralph...Big Lebowski they go to Ralphs....

It's funny now that I'm thinking about it too. Last night we went to Walmart and I saw a guy that I know. His name is Jake Roberts which reminds me of Jake the Snake Roberts. The only reason it stands out is because for a long time the guy didn't like me or at least that's what I was told ..and it's always stood out to me when I see him. Also tomorrow night my band is playing a show at the Down Under and the last time we played there my friend Pat brought some girl he met on tinder. She was Jake's relative. 
I just looked at him on Facebook and would you believe his bday is June 13th? The 164th day of the he was born in 88 so it was the 165th....
June 13th the day King Charles I got married and was important to my 22 Jumpstreet stuff I've mentioned a long time ago when Prince died. 
Jake Roberts=124

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