Saturday, November 3, 2018

Leon Sidari died 10 days before getting his Flu Shot-Christmas-Saturnalia-NOEL-LEON

It's like it's story just for me haha. 
This kid died 10 days Before his Flu Shot and his name is LEON?
Leon means LION...
Think about all of the 10 days before stuff I have documented as well. 
Ten Days Later=144
Notice it says he is 1 of 185 kids to die..
Donald John Trump=185
He met Pope Francis on the 144th day of 2017 which was his 4th month 4th day as president. 
Forty Four=144
JFK died 144 days after meeting the Pope.
Lincoln had a dream 10 days before he was shot on 4/4 about being killed...then he was shot on 14/4. 
RFK died at 1:44am 10 days after giving the speech at Roseburg, Oregon..
Flu Shot=101....Roseburg shooting on 10/1...Busboy of RFK died on 10/1...

Leon Robert Sidari=184
He died on "Christmas Day"=184
Flu Shot=38

This story comes 10 months 8 days after he dies...
Also interesting that "Influenza"=423(satanic)..something I've been talking about. 

You have to appreciate that he died on Christmas and his name in reverse is also NOEL too. 

I'm also thinking about NO EL in regards to Christmas being in connection to Saturnalia.  Saturn is also No EL is CHRISTmas?
I never noticed before either that Saturnalia begins on 12/17 which is Pope Francis' bday..

Unrelated but I've been mentioning the "Ralph" stuff again and I always thought it was funny in "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie gets the Bunny suit....reminding us of Jesus death/Easter..Christmas about his birth supposedly....
One of the first songs I ever wrote was called, "The Easter Bunny Ate Santa Claus". 

Flu Shot appointment=969(Jewish)
Like the orbital speed of Saturn....

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  1. Such "In Your Face" Predictive Programming from the CDC. They traumatize infants/children from birth and the brainwashing of Parents with these SHOTS. This CDC is so wicked, this was done to me and I did this to my daughter, unknowingly. When we are ready to enter the workforce, this madness is incorporated into qualifying for a JOB and enrolling in College/University.
    "Dr. Laura And Anthony Sidari"=251(English Ordinal) 251/125
    "Ritual Sacrifice"=251(Reverse Ordinal)
    "251" is the 54th Prime
    "Mark Of The Beast"=54(Full Red.)
    "Flu Shot Appt."=154(English Ordinal) 154(1 x 54=54)
    "Ritual Sacrifice"=154(English Ordinal)

    "The Center For Disease Control"=125(Full Red.)
    "Predictive Programming"=125(Full Red.)
    The divisors of 125 sum to "156"
    The 156th prime is "911"
    "Dr. Laura And Anthony Sidari"=1056(156)(Satanic)