Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Lakers vs Cavaliers and the 113-Some thoughts on a narrative with King James-Charles-WWE King symbolism

The Lakers vs Cavs game tomorrow night will be there 113th time playing each other. Notice the last time they played each other is was on March 11th or 11/3 and the Cavs lost with 113 points. Also note the next time they play after tomorrow is on 1/13. 
Kobe Bryant=113
Michael Jordan=113
The National Basketball Association=113
Also notice the Lakers beat the Heat in their previous game before tomorrow with 113 points. The game after they play the Cavs will be against the "Utah Jazz"=113
Kobe's final NBA game was against the Jazz.
Jordan first retired 1 month 13 days after Kobe's bday. 
Then retired again on 1/13 after winning the NBA Finals against the Jazz. 
Jordan played baseball for 1 year 1 month 3 days. 
I only bring this up because the Lakers play the Jazz just before the Cleveland game on 1/13 and the game after they play the Bulls. 

The Cavs even lost their game before playing the Lakers tomorrow with 113 points. 

Even more fitting if the Cavs lose tomorrow against the Lakers it will be 214 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday and they could possibly become 2-14 if they lose. 
3-13 is interesting as it's the day Pope Francis became the Pope and he's been important to Lebron James..
Tomorrow is a span of 113 days before 3/13 too. 

I've just been thinking about this year in regards to LeBron and wondering if he might possibly get injured too? I only think this might be a narrative because he is going to turn 34 years old this year....the same day the Lakers play the KINGS too...but remember 34 was the big number around Kobe....Tears his achilles against the Warriors just before the Boston Bombing when he was age 34. He scored 43 points and got the Lakers their 34th win...then came back 34 weeks later...couldn't play with Shaq # 34....won an Oscar on 3/4 this year.....just before he announced his retirement the Lakers lost to the Warriors by 34 points. Kobe announced his retirement 34 days after the anniversary of Philadelphia and then Lakers next game was against Philadelphia who are connected to the Warriors. 

Jordan also connected to Philadelphia as Philadelphia used to be the capital of the country Jordan until 106 AD and later destroyed by Earthquakes. 
Notice the NBA All Star Week this year begins on Jordan's 56th bday in Charlotte that he owns. Charlotte the female version of "Charles"...Cavs a follower of King Charles.....Carolina's named in honor of King Charles.....Also notice it's held at the "SPECTRUM Center".....Remember Hulk Hogan got his revenge against EARTHQUAKE in Philadelphia at "The SPECTRUM". 
Summer Slam=134
King Charles III=134
Jordan born on the 48th day....Prince Charles born in 48' and so on...been saying this forever. 
Charlotte North Carolina=106....Jordan retires on 10/6...
Prince says we can only go by "Prophecy"=106
Charlotte=612(sum) and 417(satanic)
Remember Princess Charlotte born on 5/2 the year the Warriors won the finals and Pope Francis Visited the US when a lot of these big connections began...

If LeBron was injured it would be something like the death of King James which would make sense to the King Charles stuff. 
I'm not saying it will happen, but I'm wondering if the narrative would turn out this way. James is a pretty big star still so it seems unlikely, but that really means nothing. 
Prince=34(rev red)
Think about how Ronda Rousey was really important to 34 as well...Then she comes into the WWE just before Wrestlemania 34....She just recently beat Charlotte Flair in Survivor Series at Los Angeles too. 
The Royal Rumbles theme song was Kings Power. 
We get the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia then the Crown Jewel along with the controversy of the Saudi Prince and Jamal K..
Leicester Helicopter crash/Shane McMahon...
Seth Rollins even won the Heavyweight Championship at WM 31 when Rousey came out with the Rock...Rollins the King Slayer.

Also thinking about Luke Walton...
Luke Walton=134
He was a Laker and then the season Kobe got injured was the season he played for the Cavaliers. 

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