Monday, November 5, 2018

Mayweather to fight Japanese Kickboxer Tenshin on News Year Eve-Earthquake

The first thing I find intersting with this story is it comes out on 11/4. Mayweather is going to fight a Japanese guy...
World War=114 so on..

There's also seemingly a bunch of connections to San Francisco/Golden Gate Bridge in this story...Remember the Mayweather fights are always synced to Weather/Natural Disaster events. 
This story comes 8 months 11 days after Mayweather's bday. 
8/11 a seemingly important date to San Francisco...Mayor London Breed born on 8/11. 
The fight also going to take place on New years Eve. 
New Years Eve=527(satanic)
5/27 is the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge opening..
May Weather...

It's also 4 months 13 days or 135 days after Tenshin's bday. 
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 135

San Francisco=413(Jewish)
His bday also 8/18/18 that day I said was important to the Pope and Bridges. 
Obviously 8/18 leaves 135 days in the year too. 

Mayweather born on the 55th day of the this fights comes 55 days before his bday too. 
Earthquake=55(rev red)

It's funny too that recently I documented about Susanne Somers and I mentioned Step By Step. I didn't blog about it, but it made me look up the film Kickboxer again as Uncle Cody on Step By Step is also in the later Kickboxer films. 
Kickboxer=44, 55(rev red)
Think how I have mentioned there is something important to Japan with all of this as well. 

His name is "Sasha Mitchell"=585(satanic)
585 the big Earthquake number I have mentioned. 

This story also comes 10 months 7 days after Mayweather's bday. 

Think how Mayweater is 50-0 too. 
San Francisco=50

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