Thursday, November 1, 2018

Computer wont work after looking up Y2K and Klay Thompson

I'm writing this post from my phone.  Earlier tonight I was writing up a post about Klay Thompson and his Halloween costume. Just before this I was researching about Y2K because on Tuesday at work someone tried 3 different debit cards and they wouldnt work. His total was 19.99 and I made the joke that maybe our machine was I feared by Y2K. I just remembered it tonight and thought I'd look up Y2K. Anyway I notice that it's like a 7 2 2 which is a number we talk about having a connection to pi. So a bit later I see an article about Klay Thompson and I noticed his full name equals 314 and Steph currys B-Day is 3/14. Then when I'm about done with my post my computer froze up. I had to restart the computer and now it won't work.  I keep getting a message saying no boot device found. Apparently my hard drive needs replaced.  Just been a sweet day. I have to DJ on Saturday so have to figure out a way to do that without my laptop. Claire was sick all day. Jasmines phone for smashed today too.    Oh well I guess.  Hopefully it will all work out. I just think its crazy I look up Y2K and then my computer crashes? Another odd thing that happened just after is out cat named Cloud came back.  He's been gone for like a month and earlier I went to the porch to find a screwdriver for my computer and the cat was on the porch.   Also in my post about Klay I mentioned all the 11s around him now I see that "pi"=11 too. 

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