Wednesday, November 7, 2018

WWE Crown Jewel and the King symbolism-Cleveland-Earthquake-Royal Rumble

I'm watching the WWE Crown Jewel right now. 
Right off the bat I see they start with Rey Mysterio against Randy Orton....
Remember when the Philadelphia Eagles player Fletcher Cox wore the Mexican wrestler mask before Super Bowl was connected to Rey Mysterio and the death of his Tag team partner Eddie Guerrero in Minneapolis where the Super Bowl was held. It was also important to the recent Earthquake in Mexico in 2017....Then we had the 4.1 Earthquake that was felt in Philadelphia in Nov. 2017...The Eagles later win the SB with 41 points.."Super Bowl"=41
Anyway I mentioned how the ROYAL RUMBLE connects to Earthquakes as well and in the 2006 Royal Rumble we had Rey Mysterio winning it over Randy he comes back for the Crown Jewel and beats Randy Orton....Hulk Hogan makes his debut after being suspended...Hogan connected to Philadelphia and Earthquakes..John Tenta(Earthquake) died on 6/7/2006 as well. 
King Charles=107
Rey Mysterio means KING Mystery....
They have also mentioned multiple times in this Crown Jewel how Seth Rollins is the "KING SLAYER". 

So Mysterio and Rollins both win the first round and then get knocked out by The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.....Both Miz and Ziggler are from CLEVELAND....they even mention how The Miz says he's the most famous sports person in Cleveland now that Lebron(The KING) left to Los Angeles. 
Cleveland CAVALIERS are followers of King Charles...
This event took place on 11/2 just like Game 7 of the 112th World Series in which the Indians lost. 
Think about how the Cavaliers were all about the WWE when they won in 2016 on 6/19 which was the real King James bday...Also Rey Mysterio's signature move being called the "619". 

So the final match of the WWE World Cup was supposed to be Miz vs Ziggler but Miz gets hurt and Shane McMahon comes in a wins the World Cup...."Shane McMahon"=51, WWE=51...Remember his helicopter crash(Helicopter"=51) is important to the Leicester Helicopter crash too. 
2016 the Cavs won all about 51. 
Shane McMahon's helicopter crash on 19/7..."Prince"=197

Also in regards to the Ronda Rousey stuff I noticed that Roddy Piper was born on 4/17 which is the day Rocky Colavito got traded. 

Roderick George Toombs=224
The Japanese guy who won the Royal Rumble was born on 2/24...
I just documented about Mayweather fighting the Japanese Kickboxer on New Years...Mayweather born on 2/24...
Floyd Mayweather=224
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190  He dies just before Rousey wins UFC 190..."King Charles"=190

I only noticed this pattern because today that same guy commented on my Ralphie May video telling me I need help....I put that video out on the 224th day(August 12th) and he commented 2 months 24 days after August 12th. 

It was only 1 comment...he just edited the comment to a whole new comment today which seems weird as well. 

Look at the theme song for the 2018 Royal Rumble too...
Aloe Blacc=189
One Hundred Eighty Nine=224
Remember the Crown Jewel was 189 days after the Greatest Royal Rumble. 189 people on the Lion Airplane. 

I'm also wondering if 2/24 is important to what I just documented with Zach Lavine who was born on 3/10...
2/24 leaves 310 days in the year. 

Three Point One Four=224
The Society of Jesus=224

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