Tuesday, November 20, 2018

David Arquette loses in Wrestling DeathMatch-Ready To Rumble-King symbolism

I saw Zach had posted about this article, but it's super fitting to what I have been documenting. I even remember looking up the film "Ready to Rumble" not that long ago...
Ready to Rumble is the David Arquette Wrestling film that came out on 4/7/2000 in which the whole plot is about getting Jimmy KING his title back. He gets his title back in a Deathmatch. 
David Arquette currently 47 years old. 

The actor who plays Jimmy King is even related to Princess Diana...what are the odds? 

Notice how Arquette tweets about his injury making it look like his Tattoo of Miss ELIZABETH is crying. 
Think about it..
Miss Elizabeth also died on 5/1...."WWE"=51="Wrestler

He also lost to Nick FN Gage=427(satanic)
Greatest Royal Rumble on 4/27. 

Celebrity Deathmatch Michael Jordan-Prince vs Prince Charles
All of this reminds me of my post after Prince died in regards to him fighting Prince Charles on Celebrity Deathmatch. 
What's interesting about this episode is that it begins with Michael Jordan vs Dennis Rodman. I've been saying still that Michael Jordan is important to all the King symbolism. 

Also the Pilot episode of Celebrity Deathmatch was Charles Manson vs Marilyn Manson? 
The reason this sticks out to me is that in the film "Ready to Rumble" David Arquettes character gets one of the Nitro Girls as his girlfriend. She is portrayed by Rose McGowan. 
Rose McGowan was Marilyn Manson's girlfriend and did the JFK assassination video and so on....

Plus David Arquette's bday just so happens to be 9/8 which is also the same day "Pink" was born. This sticks out to me as well because a big day I was talking about in 2016 with Prince Charles and Prince was May 13th. I talked about how it's important to the Angel Gabriel and it's interrelated to the date of 9/8.  
Angel Gabriel-Virgin Mary-3/26-5/13-9/8
May 13th was also important to Steve KING who graduated in Denison, Iowa(Monarchs mascot)...He was just re-elected which makes no sense because everyone hates him around here it seems. 


  1. The tmz article was dated 11/17. This is the day that Queen Charlotte mecklinberg strelitz died. This year is the 200th anniversary of her death. I think this compounds on your royal connection to Charles.

  2. 1117 is the 187the prime. The factors of 187 are 11 and 17. There were protests on LONDON BRidges on this date, called rebellion day for climate change laws to be written enacted and passed

  3. May 13th. M=13. Also think about the MM symbolism with the Virgin mother.