Thursday, November 22, 2018

Lakers beat Cavs with 214 total points-Kyrie Irving Hates Thanksgiving

I didn't get to watch this game last night, but I see the Lakers did win becoming 10-7. 
Notice the total score 109+105=214
The Cavs are now 2-14..
This game came 214 days after Queen Elizabeth II's bday. 

Los Angeles=109
They win with 109 points. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=105(sv)

I never thought about how this game was the night before Thanksgiving either. The first Thanksgiving happened in 1621 which was during the reign of King James. Notice how we also got a story of Kyrie Irving saying "Fuck Thanksgiving". He's of the Lakota Sioux Tribe in which was made a big deal with the Keystone Pipeline. Remember that was all important in 2016 just after the Cavs won the Finals and the Indians lost in the World Series. 
Lebron James=183(reverse)
Think about Plymouth and Kyrie being a Boston Celtics...Massachusetts. 

It's also funny in regards to Kyrie saying this after losing to the New York Knicks. Remember Kyrie believes in the Flat Earth Popularized by Washington IRVING. He's also the guy in which the Knicks got their name from when he put a hoax in the newspaper. 

Boston lost with 109 points too. 

Have to appreciate the emoji's on his Tweet as well. 
A pyramid and and eye. 
It's interesting how the Triangle is so has 3 sides...yet they always seem to only show us 2 sides. 

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