Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Missing Ballerina found dead in Mark Twain Lake


Missing Ballerina=164
This number I have been seeing a lot recently...for example..
Rose McGowan=164
Carmelo Anthony=164
Frederick=164(Chris Watts story)
Many other examples I haven't wrote down and now wish I would've....This happens all the time because I don't understand how it's connected to each individual story so I don't document it lol. Last time it was 189 and a few days later we got the plane crash with 189 people...so be on the look out for things 164. 
St. Louis Ballerina=189
Remember 189 was important to the Queen/Royal Stuff....this ballerina was found dead in a lake at Mark Twain Park...
Mark Twain died on 4/21 which is Queen Elizabeth II's bday. 
Samuel Clemens=74, 142
He dies age 142 days after his 74th bday. 

The ballerina also found dead on Prince Charles bday. 

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