Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Wisconsin Students give the Nazi Salute in their Prom Picture

Nazi Salute=61
White Power=61
Adolf Hitler=61(rev red), 56
Heil Hitler=61, 56(rev red)
Sieg Heil=56
Hitler died age 56. 
Possibly I have miscounted but I think there are even 61 students in this picture too. 
This story got big in the media on 11+12+20+18=61 
Baraboo High School=85
Sixty One=85

Of course the reason it came was because it was just after 100 year annivesary of World War I coming to an end on 11/11 at 11. 
World War II lasted for 6 years and 1 day. 

Honestly I've always thought it was funny in regards to Hitler being born on 4/20 ...the code time for smoking weed...
Four Hundred Twenty=88
Remember Marijuana was legalized in California 420 days after the vote. 

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