Thursday, November 1, 2018

2 Dead Saudi Arabian Girls in the Hudson-Royal Family-Miracle on the Hudson 9 years and 9 days before

It can't be a coincidence that these 2 Saudi sisters were found in the HUDSON...If you go back and watch my old videos I have a video on SULLY and why the film came out on 9/9 because it was connected to Queen Elizabeth II....
9/9 was the day she became the longest reigning monarch in 2015. 

Haha I just went and looked up my video and notice it says it has 624 views...
King Charles III=624(satanic)
Sully-Royal Family Video

These girls even found 9 months and 9 days after the 9th anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson. 
I mean think about it too in regards to the media going crazy over the death of Jamal Khashoggi and then we get a story of 2 dead Saudi Arabian girls...

It's also funny as in the above video I talked about Obama possibly being assassinated and these girls were found on the same day Obama received a mail bomb 81 days after his bday. 
Hudson=81 and 81(rev)
9/9 a huge number I talked about with Princess Diana/Earthquakes/Happy Gilmore/Rocky....Also Obama possibly being assasinated..
It's the 99th season of the NFL..
Think how my computer crashed after looking up Y2K in the year 99'. 
A lot of the wrestling coding connected to the Austin Bomber went back to the death of Owen Hart on 5/23/99...99 days after the Valentines Day Massacre...
99th prime is 523..."Donald Trump"=523
Owen Hart beat Mark Henry at the St. Valentines Day Massacre...Henry knew victim of the Austin bombing and his bday was 9 months 9 days before...
Hart also responsible for Stone Cold Steve Austin's neck injury that led to him retiring early....Austin's last match before surgery was on Prince Charles bday in 99' was also 5 months 23 days after 5/23 when Owen Hart died. 
Prince...Party like it's 1999. 

We'll see what happens on 11/2....but I was thinking too how I followed the connections to the teams in the 112th world series all possibly it was all about 11/2? 

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