Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Trump Fires Sessions-Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker in connection to the 1929 Stock Market Crash

Sessions resigns at the request of President Trump today. 
Notice it's 47 days before his bday. 
Jeff Sessions=47

Notice too that this comes 146 days after Trumps bday on 14/6. 
Jeff Sessions=146

Being replaced by Matthew Whitaker...
Matthew Whitaker=185, 220(reverse)
Donald John Trump=185, 220(reverse)
Stock Market Crash=185

No coincidence that Whitaker is from IOWA and born on the anniversary of the Wall Street Crash when the only president from IOWA was the president. 
Iowa=48=Donald Trump=Wall and so on...
Matthew G. Whitaker=192
Herbert Hoover=192, 159
Donald Trump=159

It's why we also got this story about the Dow surging 550 points today as well in response to the election. 
Whitaker also played Tight End for the Iowa Hawkeyes that play in Kinnick Stadium that was opened in 29' just before the Stock Market Crash on the 29th of October...1929 when the only president from Iowa the 29th state became the president. 

Today also 89 days after the anniversary of Herbert Hoover's death and we are in the 89th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. 

This also comes 220 days before Trump's bday...He's currently 72 years old. 
Session's fired just before his 72nd bday..
Hoover died 72 days after his bday on the day that leaves 72 days in the year. 
Root of All Evil=72
President Trump=72
Attorney General=72

Also think about how many people were talking about the the Mollie Tibbets(Iowa) story getting put in the mainstream in order to get more votes for the midterms. 

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