Monday, November 5, 2018

Comment on Ralphie May Video-Troll Theme

I'm getting my new computer set up with iTunes and what not again and I get this notification. Funny for one that It actually shows up in the comments section, and for two I get called  "Skitso"...yet Ralphie May absolutely died by what I was talking about and in connection to that video. 
Anyway the only reason I'm posting this is because...
Eclectix Genetix=911(Jewish)
Remember Ralphie May died in Las Vegas, just after the Vegas Shooting which was the worst mass murder since 9/11. 
He was also from "Chattanooga, Tennessee"=911 just like my grandma who died just weeks before him. 
Ralph Duren May=156
156th prime is 911. 

Remember Ralphie May died 134 days before his bday too. 
A lot of his death was in connection to the Royal Family. 
King Charles III=134
Remember King Ralph was from Las Vegas before becoming the King. Funny too as before starting this post I turned on the new episode of "The Conners" which has John Goodman(King Ralph). Just realizing how it connects now...
King Ralph=48(rev red) and 411(satanic)
Just interesting as Ralphie May died 4 months 11 days before his bday on the 48th day of the year. 
Charles I died in 48'..
Charles II=48
Prince Charles born in 48'. 
Funny this comes on the 5th of November as well....The Gunpowder plot anniversary....

The Gun Powder Plot was 6 months 24 days after Guy Fawkes bday too...
King Charles III=624(satanic)
4/13....San Francisco=413(Jewish)

Of course Fawkes also executed 87 days after November 5th...King James died on the 87th day of the year. 

So many other things with that story but not going to re-list them. 

August 12th is also interesting as it's a date I have mentioned being really important since 2015 in regards to World War. 

Also interesting that the last time I posted about Ralphie May possibly dying I mentioned it in a post with the 86' Movie called "Troll". Lately there has been something special to my daughters favorite show "Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia". 
Around this same time we also had South Park being all about "Trolling" on the internet...also the film "Trolls"(Troll Dolls) came out. 
I always associate Trolls with Bridges too....Trolls that live under the Bridge....Funny I find all of this from a Trolled Comment too. 
The film "Troll" came out on 1/17..1986...

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