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Celebrity Death Match Ep. 10 Chicago Bulls and Prince Charles Vs Prince(Singer) 239 Robot Takeover, Back to Back World War

So Ron Walker sent me a link to a Celebrity Death Match fight of Prince Charles Vs  Prince(Singer). 
I found the video online and noticed some interesting things about this episode. 

It was episode 10  called "Battle of the Bulls". 
The reason it's called that is because the Chicago Bulls were a significant part of the episode. The Final Match even Michael Jordan vs. Dennis Rodman. 
This whole NBA season 2015-2016 has been connected to the Prince/Royalty theme and also super connected to the 1995-96 Bulls. 

The first match is between David Spade and Steven Seagal. 
This episode came out 8/27/1998 so it was the jokes were about their older movies. 
David Spade sticks out to this year because he was in Black Sheep and Tommy Boy that I have talked about a lot. (Sandusky Ohio...Jerry Sandusky) Nebraska the first team to play Penn State after. Tommy Boy says Herbie Hancock..Herbie the mascot of Nebraska and Dean Jones actor from movie Herbie:Love Bug died just before Nebraska's season.  So much more  it's connected to Teen Wolf and 2015 Slam Dunk Contest even. 

In the opening scene of Tommy Boy he drops his American History Book and it has 239 scribbled on the bottom.  Until 7/4/2016 we are in the 239th year of the United States. 
The Flag was sewn in Philadelphia at 239 Arch Street. 
Golden Gate=239
Jews believe the messiah will come through the Golden Gate. 
The reason I mention this is because of the date the Celebrity Deathmatch episode came out as well.  
August 27th 1998. (239th day of 1998). 
Remember earlier this year at the Oscars Olivia Munn was joking about the Robot Takeover and was referring to Judgement day in Terminator II, but said August 27th instead of August 29th. 

The Oscars took place on the 239th day of the 239th year of the United States. 
August 27th 2016 will also be Obama's 7th year 7th month 7th day as president.   Skynet in Terminator was activated on 8/4 and gains consciousness on 8/29.  Obama's bday is 8/4. 
8/27/16 is also the 240th day of 2016 and we will be in the 240th year of the US. 

Black Sheep also about the Rigged election, so I find it interesting we are in an election year. 

Spade also appeared on the 56th episode of Hot in Cleveland called "Blow Outs".  56 a big number I've mentioned previously, not gonna relist stuff but it's connected to President/Paris/Flight 804 and more. Interesting this episode came out on 6/6/12 too. 
Republican National Convention in Cleveland this year. 

Look at the Synopsis of the show as well. Their plane trip to Paris had an emergency landing? 

Spade also in the TV series..."Just Shoot Me". 

Steven Seagal has interesting movie titles like this as well. 
"Marked for Death", "Hard to Kill".  Also he dies on the film "Executive Decision" when Air Force One is hijacked. Which makes me think about all the missing plane and plane crash stories.
Can't forget Under Seige 2 also.  Where the Train gets Hijacked, which reminds me of the Amtrak Derailments. 
Remember Steven Seagal also friends with Vladimir Putin. 
Vladimir Putin=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168 
The reason I mention this is because Rodman also in this episode and he's friends with Kim Jong Un. 
Kim Jong Un=114
World War=114
Pearl Harbor=114
We are in the 114th US Congress.  Something to think about. 
Rodman also born on 5/13  the day I kept getting shown by Youtube. Rodman also wore # 91 which is interesting because that number surrounded by Death/Elimination. Also the day World War II began was 9/1 1939. 

When they fight they mention how it's David and Goliath multiple times. 

David and Goliath=131 just like Prince Charles. 
David Spade wins the Fight by shooting Scottie Pippen's Championship Ring through Seagal's head too.

The 2nd fight is Prince Charles vs Prince. 
The info before the fight was even fitting. 
Charles was trained by his mom the Queen, who is shown to be absolutely tough. At the end Charles even tries to kill her, but she stops him. 
Prince Charles rides in on a Horse named Chestnut. 
Prince=38, 65 

Prince just has Sex to train. Look though they show us the Purple door that looks like an 88. 

Before the fight begins the ref Mills Lane says they might be Prince's but he is the King in the Ring. 
Mills Lane is a real Ref who got famous after Mike Tyson bit off Holyfield's Ear. I mentioned before there's something about Mike Tyson as Tupac died after his fight in Vegas and his bodyguard supposedly shot 50 cent who just made fun of the autistic kid at the airport. 
Mills Lane also from Savannah, Georgia where the Chester Pennsylvania Amtrak was heading. Also where Jordan Mcrae of the Cavs is from. (see previous posts or vids)
He also connects to the Judge Theme I have mentioned. 
Judge Mills Lane. 
Steven Seagal had the show "True Justice". 
Judge Mills Lane=144

Prince Charles ends up beating Prince with the help of the Queen. She throws her crown at him and stabs him in the arm.  They even mention it's a Crown of Thorns. 
So Prince Charles kills Prince but in the end Queen Elizabeth II is the real winner. 

When this episode came out Eliz II was queen for 46 years. 6 months 21 days. Interesting because Prince William born on 6/21. 

It was also 4 months 6 days after her bday. 
128 days as well which is a number connected to World War and Philadelphia. 

8/27 also 79 days before Charles 68th Bday. 

Prince William's Bday is 67 days before 8/27.   Charles is 67. 
Blood Sacrifice=67
Prince died 67 days after Vanity. 
Prince born on 6/7.  
It's also 2 months 6 days. 
Queen's anniversary on 2/6. 
2/6 to 8/27 is a span of 6 months 21 days. 

The Final Match was Jordan Vs Rodman. 
I didn't notice a whole lot of things with this match other than Michael Jordan trying to advertise everything and Rodman being the Bad Boy like usual. 
Jordan kills Rodman by putting a basketball in his head and then dunking him into a garbage can. 

The main point of the post is that this episode is connected to this year. It's connected to all the things I keep talking about and it coming out on the 239th day of the year really stands out. 

Celebrity DeathMatch=182(Simple)
Back to Back=182(Jewish)

I've been following this Back to Back theme for  a long time now. Notice even when the Cavs made the Finals they made sure to put Back to Back in the headline.  
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Back to Back=69

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