Thursday, June 1, 2017

LeBron James House(front gate) vandalized with Racial Slur

LeBron's house supposedly racially vandalized on 5/31. 

Of course they wrote "Nigger"=42, 60
LeBron James=42, 114
Racial Slur=42, 114
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

Possibly nothing but I find it interesting that today is the day before 6/1.....even though it's 5/31 it's seemingly 6/0 too. 
Brentwood California=111(red rev)
The NBA Finals=111

The story also comes 5 months 1 day after Lebron's 32rd bday. 
Lebron James=51(s)....Lebron=33(rev red), James=33(rev red)
Cleveland Cavs=51
Cleveland=33, 51
Quicken Loans=51
Remember last year they won Cleveland's 1st championship in 51 years. 
A lot of 51 tributes last year/this year....Lebron was even Jerome on Martin for Halloween this year. Martin was 51 years old during last years finals. The show's last episode aired on 5/1. The show based around Channel 51. 
The Cavs visited the Whitehouse on 11/10/16 which leaves 51 days in the year. 

It's also 213 days before his 33rd bday. 
The NBA Finals=213(reverse)
This story comes just before Lebron plays in his 213th ever Playoff game as well. 
NBA Finals=33

Have to love Lebron referenced the 1955 death of Emmett Till. 
Emmett Till=60(rev red)

This being on his Front Gate has to be a joke in regards to Trump and his Wall too. Lebron James and The Wall(gameshow)

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