Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spotlight-Father Howard Fitzgerald-Father Paul Strittmatter-Jesuits-South Park Red Hot Catholic Love-Trump Meets Pope Francis-JFK

So I'm sitting here feeling pretty tired and I figured I would try and watch this movie I was told about over the weekend. It's called Spotlight, I guess about exposing the Catholic Church and Molestation. Figured just watching a movie tonight is better than reading a bunch articles and what not...Anyway I've talked about Father Howard Fitzgerald before as he was a child molesting priest at the Church I went to as a kid. This weekend he came up in conversation and I was told about this movie lol. 
Interesting too..."Child Molesting"=150 and today is the 150th day of the year. 

As the post goes on I will explain more about Father Howard, but I also noticed today is 863 days(end date) since Pope Francis removed him from priesthood. 
863 is the 150th prime number. 
In regards to all of this another person I always thought was a child molester was Bishop Joseph Charron. 
Joseph Charron=150....
Who knows if he really is, but he always was the creepiest to me. Always dressed up like a Sheep Herder and he just had that super creepy vibe that I cannot explain. Just the way he moved/talked/looked... everything. 

youtube-changing-thumbnail-picture to Father Howard Fitzgerald
back-to-future-iii-grover-cleveland-Earling, Iowa Father Howard
So anyway I just start watching the movie and my daughter's episode of the Simpsons was over and she wanted me to turn on some different cartoons. I jokingly said do you want to watch South Park as I saw it was on Comedy Central. I turned it there for just a second to see her reaction before I put on Mickey Mouse. Anyway go figure the episode of South Park playing was one about the Catholic priests molesting boys. 

Notice it's the 87th episode of South Park. 
Priest=33, 87
Catholic Priests=87
Red Hot Catholic Love=87
Howard Fitzgerald=87....(Priest at my Church)
May Thirtieth=87(H)
Father Fitzgerald=166 
Interesting it came out on the 184th day of the year. 
Claire Bobbi Jo Cowgill=184
Diocese of Des Moines=184(placed Fitzgerald on leave)
South Park=114(reverse)

In the Film Spotlight they comprise a list of 87 victims of Child Molesting Priests. 
Spotlight=126 and 117(reverse)
Michael Keaton=117
Boston Globe=126 and 171(reverse)  (The Film Follows the Boston Globe's Spotlight team). 

Phil Saviano is the guy in the film who shows the Spotlight team it's more than 1 priest. He gets the list to 13. 
Phil Saviano=126 and 171(reverse)

A big thing in regards to Father Howard is when I was a boy he came up behind me and put his hands over my eyes and said "Guess Who"...then he started awkwardly massaging my shoulders. 
Guess Who=117

That Simpson's episode Chalkboard Gag also was about BATMAN which is interesting as Michael Keaton was Batman. 

Michael John Douglas=87(s), and 177(Keaton's real name)
Howard Fitzgerald=87, 177
Catholic Priests=87(s) and 177. 
Michael Keaton is important as he is the reason I was able to find this movie. I was told that it was a Michael Keaton movie and no other actor was mentioned in regards to it. 

Also the 2 main things in regards to Father Howdy were the covering my eyes and my private meeting at his house before I could become "Confirmed". 

Another thing in regards to my daughter watching the Simpsons just before this.....Notice Father Howard was the priest at Simpson College when his story came out in the news. 
Molest=33(rev red)
Bible=33(rev red)
Diocese=33...also 166(Jewish)
Keaton=33(red rev)
Catholic Church....CC...33... My daughters name Claire Cowgill(CC). 
Of course 33 the highest Degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry....Jesus supposedly died on the Cross age 33.  Pope Francis a Jesuit/Freemason(see his hidden hand pose)...
Eighty Seven=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139

The Article about him came out on 6/30/14 but interesting I didn't know about it until 7/1/14. 
The Guess Who thing happened at the "Parish Center"=71(reverse)
It happened at "CCD"=71(reverse)
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine=171 (CCD)
Child Molester=71(s)
Knights of Columbus=71
Bernard Murphy=71(red rev)...something I never noticed before in regards to my uncle who was a Knight of Columbus. 

The Character Michael Keaton plays in the film is Walter Robinson. Notice he is currently 71 years old this year.
Also "Catholic"=46(red rev)....He was born in 46'. 

Boston also located on 71W. 

Seventy One=126(reverse)
Boston Globe=126

Father Howard had a 35 year history of working in Iowa Churches....
Pope Francis removed him from the Priesthood on 1/19 but the earliest I could find this story was on 1/22. 
Howard Edward Fitzgerald=119(rev red)
Pope Francis=122
Youtube also changed my picture to Father Howdy on 10/23/15 which was 1 year 9 months 1 day after 1/22/15. 
Society of Jesus=191
Sexual Assault=175 and 176(reverse)....see my stuff on these numbers lately. 
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
Thomas Aquinas=158
Eighty Seven=158(reverse)
After South Park I turned it to "Mickey Mouse"=158
Terry Francona=158(Youtube changed his photo to Father Howdy)

Ha I also just realized something funny. As I was typing up this blog post I got a phone call at 12:39am from my friend Pam. 
Pam Melby=33, 87 also 129(reverse)
I started this post at 11:12pm with the screen shot of South Park lol. That means Pam called me 87 minutes later. 
South Park=129
Claire Cowgill=129
Earlier today at work the power went out 2 quick times in a row. I looked at my cell phone when it went off and it was 3:26pm. For sure it would be this time when I look at my phone(Gabriel). 
I guess someone was cutting a tree down and it fell on the power line or something. My job has a backup generator but lots of other places didn't have power today.  

I also have been thinking in regards to my previous blog post in regards to "Moore"....Mary Tyler, Matt Moore, Dayton Moore, Roger Moore.....Remember the night when my friend Text me after I asked outloud about not having any friends understand any of this?  His name is Sam Moores. I've also mentioned the Moors in regards to Christopher Columbus/Catholic Church. 
Samuel the last of the Hebrew Judges...
The Ten Commandments=71

The main point in the film spotlight is about John Geoghan being covered up. 
Notice he was born in 35'. 
He was covered up by Cardinal Bernard Francis Law. 
Cardinal Bernard Law=326(reverse)......Cowgill=326(satanic)
Another interesting 35 I found...

Bernard Francis Law=87(s) also 111(rev red). He was appointed on 1/11. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111
I am not certain but I believe Father Howdy also turned 63 years old on 1/11/15. That's what it says on at least. 

Another thing I was thinking about is a different priest that was at our church. He stands out because he was super cool and the nicest priest that has been in this town. He mysteriously died in a bath tub(heart attack) at the Jesuit residence on Creighton University, and I've always thought it seemed odd. He was then replaced by Father Child Molesting Howard. To explain...Father Howard was in Dunlap from 95' to 98' then came back for a year after this guy died in 2010.  Father Paul also replaced Father Howard when he left in 1998. 
Mission=35 also 318(Jewish)....Jesuit Missions....
He was also in Luke Hart Assembly 4th Degree. 
Luke Hart was a Supreme Knight. 
Supreme Knight=166
Luke Hart=33

Strittmatter=87(rev red)
Priest=33, 87
He died on 3/30....2010 age 63. 
Father Paul=63(h)
He also died 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit Orders 469th anniversary. 
Notice also 184 days(above mentioned). 
Also note the SJ after Father Paul's name.....He was a Jesuit. 

Father Howard article first came out on 6/30 and he was removed age 63. 
St. Patrick=63(H) (name of church in town)
St. Patrick=117, and 126(reverse). 
Sixty Three=117

Father Paul was also a Knight of Columbus in the same # as my uncle Barney who died age 63 this year. He died 191 days before his bday...."Society of Jesus"=191.  I'm still convinced he didn't die by accident. The story makes absolutely no sense. He wrecks 5 miles off the main Hwy on a gravel road in the wrong direction of home. Then is found and goes to the hospital seemingly going to be ok. Then all the sudden dies at Creighton Medical Center. Creighton also a Jesuit school. He didn't have a stroke or any reason to be driving off the Hwy. The story just really doesn't make any sense to me. 
Another thing I just noticed is that he died 3 months 18 days after the Jesuit Orders 476th anniversary. 
If you go back 318 was a big number in regards to him and other stuff going on.  His bday is 3 months 18 days before mine and more. 

He also died the same day Creighton beat "Truman State"=35 and they were guaranteed $35,000 for playing Creighton. 

Father Paul also died 3 months 12 days before his bday. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse)
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312(reverse). 
2017 will be 477 years of the Jesuits. 
Francis Xavier born on 3/12(dec 3rd)
Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope supposedly named after Francis of Assisi but others say Francis Xavier. 

The Parish Center is located on 312 south 3rd street in Dunlap too. 
I'm pretty sure this is where the Knights meet as well. 

Trump will be 71 years old this year on 6/14 which is 3 months 13 days before the Jesuit's anniversary. Trump went to a Jesuit school. 
Remember Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. 
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313
Pope Francis will be Pope for 4 years 6 months and 14 days on the anniversary of the Jesuits this year. 
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was on Trumps 70th bday. 
1,189 chapters in KJV. 
Key of David=1189
Donald J Trump=1189(Jewish)
Melania Trump just came out and said she is catholic after her and Donald met Pope Francis. She keeps getting compared to Jackie Kennedy who was the wife of the only Catholic president JFK. 
He was the 35th president. 
The Jesuits began with Pope Paul III who also did the Final excommunication of Henry VIII who was married to Catherine of Aragon whose Parent's funded Christopher Columbus. 
Queen Isabella I=132(funded Columbus)
Catholic Church=132
King Henry VIII=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191
He was replaced by Edward VI who was born on 10/12/1537 which was was 45th anniversary of Columbus supposedly discovering America. 
King Edward VI=71(rev red)

Pope Francis is 46 Popes after Paul III the 220th Pope. 
Catholic=46(red rev)

This year the Jesuits anniversary is 81 days before Pope Francis' 81st bday. 

His 81st bday also 6 months 3 days after Trump's 71st bday. 
The Pope and Trump met on Trump's 4th month 4th day as president on the 144th day of the year. 
Forty Four=144
Trump the 44th person to be president. 
It was also 158 days after the Popes bday. 
Remember JFK met the Pope Paul VI in 1963 and then died 144 days(end date) later. 
Paul VI died age 80. 
JFK died 5 months 24 days after his bday...Trump met Pope Francis on 5/24. 

JFK died age 46 in Dallas Texas. 
Dallas Texas=71(red rev)
Catholic=46(rev red) also 71. 
Trump born in 46'. 
JFK born in 17' and Trump was 17 years old when he died. We are in 2017. 
Seventeen=46 and 44(rev red)
Forty Six=46 and 44(rev red)

Another interesting thing to note is Paul VI died 51 days before his bday. He became Pope on JFK's 5 months and 1 day after JFK's 2nd year as president. JFK died 5 months 1 day after Paul VI became Pope. 
Paul VI also became pope 3 months 5 days before his bday. 

Jackie Kennedy=117 and JFK died 117 days after her bday. 

Also interesting Trump Married Melania on 1/22...2005. 
Pope Francis=122
Melanija Knavs=132=Catholic Church

I was reading through some of the comments on Father Paul's obituary and this one stuck out to me as she is talking about Child Abuse. Look what she emphasizes. 
This is not baggage but a pile of shit=326(gabriel)
Karen Chamberlain=135
Paul Joseph Strittmatter=135(rev red)


  1. Wow, This is insane. Paul Strittmatter was actually my great uncle and I had no idea that he passed at a Jesuit facility until recently. And I honestly had no idea he was a Jesuit until recently when I started to learn about the jesuits. I really hope he didn’t do anything wicked but thank you so much for exposing this. My Mother (which was Paul’s niece) had no idea until I showed her this that he died in a Jesuit university. Just shows you how hard they hide certain things imo

  2. I really appreciate the kind words you spoke of him though. Here’s my email if you want to riff and see if we can figure out some stuff together. I’m also very into gematria as it was one of the big factors into me coming to know Christ and his gloriousness. Thank you, have a good one and Christ be with you wherever you go :)