Thursday, June 1, 2017

Old comment I left on a Zoloft Commercial video-Jesuits 312 and 9/27.

I wake up to 1 notification and it was someone responding to my comment on the Original Zoloft Commercial from a long time ago. 

Odd I can actually see this comment when I go to the actual video. On my videos I get notifications and when I click on them to reply the message no longer exists, so I can't comment back on a majority of them. 

So moral of the story and the reason I'm posting this is because of that number 312 again. I just mentioned in regards to the Jesuits that the number 312 is seemingly important. Now I get a response to something I wrote over 2 years ago and the video it's on was put out on 3/12. 
Something I just realized too is that 3/12 is the 71st day of the year.

The video was put on Youtube 3003 days ago. (33)
The person who commented also have 3 3 in their name. 
33 dislikes on the video. 
March Twelfth=137...the 33rd prime. 
September Twenty Seventh=303
How can a rock be depressed? He's always stoned=3300(Jewish) also 404(simple). 
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
404 verses in revelation.
Francis arrived in the US at 4:04. 
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
King James=404(satanic)

I also see that today is 3 months 26 days before the 477th anniversary of the Jesuits. (326 Gabriel)
Remember my Gabe Rygaard video keeps getting trolled...I put that video out on 9/27/16. 

Today also the beginning of the NBA Finals. The original post I made about the 312's involved the Space Theme and the Cleveland Cavaliers/Houston Rockets as well. 
The Cavs and Rockets played on 11/1 which was 3 months 12 days after Nene signed with the Rockets on 7/20(moon landing). 
The Cavs and Rockets played again on 3/12 which is 7 months 20 days after 7/20. 
The NBA Finals=111
The NBA Finals=213(reverse).....312..213?

The Rockets won 117-112 on 3/12. 


The Total Score of the game on 11/1 was 248.  
The Finals begin 248 days(end date) after the Jesuits anniversary. 

Jesuits anniversary to 11/1 was 35 days. 

This is probably a big piece to what I'm supposed to see...
Jesuit anniversary to 3/12 is 166 days also 5 months 13 days. 
These 2 numbers I have mentioned more than anything on this blog for months now. 
Angel Gabriel=513(satanic)

It sure seems like we are going to get a big story around the time of the Jesuit's anniversary this year. A lot of things connected to that date of 9/27. 

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