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Jeff Van Gundy Rihanna comment-Jesuits-Space-Lucifer Vatican Telescope-Steve Kerr born on Jesuit anniversary-Gabriel-Man Seeking Woman TV Show

I'm watching the Cavs vs Warriors game and when the score was 24-24 Jeff Van Gundy said something interesting right after Lebron dunked it. The other announcers made fun of him that Rihanna was more important than Lebron's dunk. 

Anyway this is what he said:

"I don't know about you, but Rihanna just walked in front of me"=313(ep) and also 614(simple). 

Both numbers I just mentioned in regards to Trump and Pope Francis. Francis became Pope on 3/13/13 and Trump's bday 6/14. 

Rihanna just walked in front of me=326(main topic). 

326 the number I have mentioned is connected to Gabriel. 
Today is 3 months 26 days before the Jesuit anniversary on 9/27. 
Jeff Van Gundy=54 and 135
Gabriel= 54(simple) and 135(reverse)

Notice this is also 3 months and 12 days after Rihanna's bday. My last few post mentioned 312 and it's connections to the Jesuit anniversary but also in regards to Gabriel. 
I also want to note that Rihanna's bday is the 51st day of the year. 
Lebron James=51
and so on...

Van Gundy has a lot of connections to Catholic and Jesuit schools. His first coaching job even at a Jesuit High school.
Interesting his last job was with the Rockets too. 

His bday of 19/1 too. 
Society of Jesus=191

His bday also 114 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Lebron James=114
His bday is 32 days before Rihanna's. Lebron James is currently 32 years old. 

After Van Gundy said this it went to commercial. When it came back they showed us this stat. 
Lebron was 3-5 FG's. Also 4-6 FT's. 
Catholic=35 and 46(red rev)
Notice he's standing next to # 35 Durant. 
King James=35 
See previous posts, 35 has been important to this all season. 
The first quarter the Warriors even scored 35 points. 

Interesting final score in regards to the Space Theme I've mentioned. 
Space=91=Rockets=Flat Earth
Nasa established 7+29+19+58=113
Remember the Rockets won with 113 points on the 113th day and then Steven Adams came out wearing the NASA shirt. 
The Cavaliers scored 91 points against the Warriors the day Eugene Cernan(1/16) was a big "35" game. 

I didn't take a screen shot but at one point they showed Kevin Love was 3-12 shooting. 
I also noticed that Draymond Green was 3-12 shooting on the night. Green the 35th pick in the draft. 
Draymond Green=71=Catholic=71st season of NBA. 
Green and Lebron were the only players to play 35 minutes in the game on 1/16. He hurt Lebron when the Cavs had 35 points too. 
1/16 was also  1 month 16 days before Green's bday. 
Cernan=35(rev red)

Steve Kerr is a big piece to the puzzle I believe. Notice he was born on the Jesuit Anniversary. Replaced by Mike Brown born on 3/5 who was born in Columbus, Ohio where John Glenn Died.  
Columbus sent by the Catholic Church. CC, CC, Cleveland Cavaliers...CC. 
Michael Burton Brown=213=The NBA Finals(reverse)
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
Golden State=175(reverse)
John Glenn died 175 days before the NBA Finals began today. 
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)
Steve Kerr=1075(Jewish)
Steve Kerr=175(FB)
Spinal Fluid Leak=91(red rev)

Cernan died 111 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
The NBA Finals=111

I'm curious if something big is going to come from the Vatican Telescope soon?   It would make sense as to why the Space/Jesuit stuff is interrelated. 

The director at the Vatican Observatory is Guy J Consolmagno. 
Guy J Consolmagno=191
Society of Jesus=191

I guess the telescope is also named LUCIFER.

Crazy as I'm reading this article I get to a part about LUCY and then I hear the TV say LUCY. 
Notice it talks about being chilled -213c  
The NBA Finals=213(reverse)

It's the TV show called "Man Seeking Woman" and it's episode Season 3 episode 3. 
Channel 125 FXX.....666. 

This happens 135 days after the episode originally aired. 

Lol how interesting the main character in the show is named Josh Greenberg. This is the name a bunch of people on Youtube say Zachary K Hubbard really is. 
Dave J's Zachary K Hubbard is Josh Greenberg
Check out the above video if you haven't lol, stupidest thing I've ever watched. 

Greenberg is played by Jay Baruchel. Notice he is 35 years old. 
Also I just posted about "She's out of My League" and the Pittsburgh Penguins a few days ago. 
Jay Baruchel=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191
There's a few other movies this guy reminds me of, but the one that sticks out the most is "This is the End". 

Remember Rihanna dies in the beginning of this movie too. Also the very end they go to heaven and dance with the Backstreet boys. 
Revelation=49, 67, 121
Notice above Baruchel's bday of 4/9 too. 
Backstreet Boys=165 and 213(reverse)
This film came out on the 165th day of 2013 which was also Donald Trump's 67th bday. 
This is the End=67(rev red)

When looking for the episode I found this article. Not only was it the season finale, but the show was canceled as well. Notice it's last episode was on the 67th day of 2017. 

It was also the first link that came up in my search. 

This is the first comment on that article, notice it's talking about Reverse......I might have to watch some of this show. I've never even heard of it and reading about it doesn't really help me understand it much. 


Interesting I just noticed...
Satan=35(rev red)
I went to Espn to look at the score of some of the games and kept changing everything to Spanish? No idea why....just makes me think of Christopher Columbus....who knows why it's doing this? Also of course my sound wouldn't crackle on this clip.  Every time I try and make a Youtube video on my laptop the sound is crackled like crazy. 

Got to get some sleep but a lot to think about. 

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