Sunday, June 25, 2017

UFC/MMA stories in media-Jesuits-Trump-Pope Francis

There seems to be a lot of stories recently in regards to the UFC/MMA....I was just on Facebook and I saw this LiveLeak in regards to Donovan Duran that cops supposedly broke his neck. 

We also got the story of Tim Hague dying recently. 

On the Gematria Effect this week, someone was talking about Matt Hughes getting hit by a train. 
Train Wreck=122
Matt Hughes=122

After looking at Facebook tonight, I went to CNN and I see this article about Darrell Horcher returning to the cage. 

Of course we also recently got the McGregor vs Mayweather fight news as well. 
Floyd Mayweather=71(rev red) also 73 and 224(reverse)
Conor McGregor=151
Jesus Christ=151
They announced the fight on 6/14 which is 73 days before the Fight.
Mayweather born on 2/24. 
The Society of Jesus=224
Anyway the reason I am posting this is because I noticed....
Ultimate Fighting Championship=312 also 444(reverse)
312 a number I have mentioned a lot recently in regards to Jesuits/Angel Michael.....
1984 was the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits.
Jesus=444  died age 33.....2017 is 33 years ago 1984. 

Mixed Martial Arts=187
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

I'm still getting comments on the old post on 3/26 as well. For some reason I re checked the date from 3/26 to 9/27 is 185 days. 
Donald John Trump=185....
Also the McGregor vs Mayweather fight announced on Trump's 71st bday. 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Jesuit anniversary 2 months 20 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
2/20 is 31 weeks 2 days before 9/27. It's also 7 months 7 days. 
Two Hundred Twenty=77
Paul III=77...also 308(Jewish)
Seventy Seven=175
Pope Francis=175(reverse)

2/20 to Pope Francis' 81st bday is 9 months 27 days. 

I also noticed that the Jesuits were founded in Paris, France. 
Paris France=56 and 187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=56 and 187(reverse)
Paris=63 which is interesting as I've mentioned 63 is connected to the Jesuits but not sure why exactly. 

Also founder of the Bavarian Illuminati Adam Weishaupt was involved with the jesuits.

The Illuminati supposedly formed 235 years after the Jesuits were formed. 
The Society of Jesus=224, and 235(reverse)
Three Point One Four=224, and 235(reverse)
 All the Pi symbolism lately...just something to think about. 
Also 7 months 4 days....Masonic=74=Jesus=Cross and so on. 
235 an important number in freemasonry as well... each side of the 47 degrees on the compass being 23.5 degrees. 
The Tropics at 23.5N and 23.5S. 
Tropic's 235-Freemason Compass
Read Zach's post above a lot of 235 stuff in regards to what I'm talking about. 
It makes me wonder in regards to Trump as the 3 of the first 5 presidents died on 7/4....The 2nd(Adams) and 3rd(Jefferson) in 1826, then 1,826 day later the 5th(Monroe) died on 7/4/1831.  2 3 and 5. 
This year will be 191 years after 7/4/1826....

Weishaupt dies on the day that leaves 43 days in the year. 
43rd prime is 191...."Society of Jesus"=191
Johann Weishaupt=184....another number I've said is important to the Jesuits....

He dies 80 days before his 83rd bday. 
Bavarian Illuminati=80

The Jesuit anniversary to Weishaupt's bday is 132 days. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132
England=132....2/6 also the day Queen Elizabeth II became Queen. Also the day King Charles II died. 
Queen Elizabeth II=84(rev red)
Elizabeth II=191(Reverse)

Charles II=84
Jesuit=84....Society of Jesus=191
United States of America=84 and 132(rev red)
Weishaupt died age 82. 
Eighty Two=132

Weishaupt died 313 days before the Jesuit's anniversary. 
This is interesting as Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope became pope on 3/13/13. 
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313
Weishaupt also died 1 month 22 days after the Jesuit anniversary.
Pope Francis=122

Weishaupt's bday of 2/6 to the Jesuit anniversary is 7 months 21 days. Also 233 days. 
Adam Weishaupt=51
233 the 51st prime number. 

721 is important as 7/21 was the day Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits in 1773. 
Which is the reason why Weishaupt was able to become a professor of canon law. 
Pope Clement XIV's real name..."Giovanni Ganganelli"=313(reverse)

The Jesuits were restored on 7/31/1814 by Pope Pius VII. 
Pius VII=84(reverse)
1814 was also the year Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. 
Francis Scott Key=217(reverse)....21/7..the Jesuits Suppressed. 
Francis Scott Key=188=Bavarian Illuminati

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