Friday, June 9, 2017

Final Jeopardy Question June 7th involving Kings-Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game-James Naismith

I just saw Zach's post in regards to Jeopardy and the NBA Finals before game 3.  The final jeopardy answer referenced Kings. 
Golden State=122

It was also episode 113 in Alex Trebek's 33rd season as host. The guy who won got $33,000. 
The NBA Finals have had a score of 113 points in all 3 games. 
Game 1 Warriors 113
Game 2 Cavs 113
Game 3 Cavs 113. 
NBA Finals=33
113 the number connected to NASA.
The guy who won "Bala Kumar"=35
He beat the champion "Chantelle"=35

The answer to the final question was Edward. 
Edward=35(red rev). 
Alex let's us know Edward I is also known as Edward Longshanks and he defeated William Wallace. 
Edward Longshanks=175
Golden State=175(Reverse)

Interesting William Wallace depending on his birthday may have died age 35 as well. 

Edward I also known for issuing the Edict of Expulsion which expelled the Jews out of England. Notice it wasn't overturned until Oliver Cromwell... Cromwell of course the man who took over after the Cavaliers lost the English Civil War.
William Wallace died in 1305. 

The first round also had a category of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. It was about Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game when he played with the Philadelphia Warriors. 

The first question in the category was about Wilt Chamberlains scoring 100 and the rest of the team scoring 69 points...
Wilt Chamberlain=69 and in his 100 point game the rest of the team scored 69 points.
Cleveland Cavaliers=69 
Notice how they won by 22 points as well. 
Wilt played at Kansas too which is significant in regards to James Naismith who also founded the Kansas basketball program. 
Philadelphia Warriors=318(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)
The 169 also reminds me of the Father's day connection...

Inventor of basketball James Naismith died 22 days after his bday as well. 
He died in 39'.
Also dies on the day that leaves 33 days in the year. 

The NCAA tournament began in 39'. He coached Phog Allen who later coached Kansas for 39 seasons. 

Dies age 78.
Born on 11+6+61=78
Dies on 11+28+39=78

The 2nd question in the category was of course about Space and 2 basketball's that have went to space. The answer was Hubble. 

The 3rd in the category about Dennis Rodman.....I'm reminded of North Korea...Rockets....# 91....Space=91(reverse)

The 4th in the category was about the Orlando Magic and Shaquille Oneal's size 23 shoe. I've mentioned the Orlando Magic connection a lot-Kennedy Space Center possibly-They lost to the Rockets in 1995. Also the connection to the Lakers-Magic Johnson. 

The last question in the category was about Pat Riley in 2006. This was before Lebron James was there. I just find it interesting as Pat Riley just said Magic Johnson was the greatest ever. Once again Magic. 

We later learn the guy who wins knows everything about The Golden Girls. 
Golden Girls=122, and 175(reverse)
Golden State=122 and 175(reverse)

He even mentions the episode where Dorothy tries out for Jeopardy. It was season 7 episode 17 also the 171st episode. 
71st season of the NBA in the year 17'. 
It came out on Klay Thompson's 2nd bday. 
Dorothy on the show played by Bea Arthur. 
Bea Arthur=40, 94
Jeopardy=40, 94
Alex Trebek=40, 103

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