Friday, June 16, 2017

Blimp Crash at the US Open-Father's day-Jesuits-Pi

A perfect spot for a Blimp to crash....
Erin Hills=52

Erin Hills Golf Course=227
Erin Hills=421(satanic)
Just interesting as I just talked about 421 being connected to Pi. 
Twenty two divided by seven=314
April Twenty First=235 and 82. 
Three point one four=235(reverse) and 82(red rev)

Another thing I find interesting is that the Open ends on Father's Day. 
Blimp Crash=169
Father's Day the 169th day of the year. 

Today is 3 months 12 days before the Jesuit Anniversary too. 

It's also been 121 years since the first ever US Open on 10/4....

This is the first time since 1992 that the US Open has a par 72. 
US Open=72(reverse)

The guy who won in 92' was Tom Kite. 
Thomas Oliver Kite Jr=203
Par Seventy Two=203(reverse)
Notice it says he spent 175 weeks in the top 10. 
175 and 203 are numbers I've seen together a lot. 
Houston Rockets=203 and 175(reverse)

Ricky Fowler currently winning. Interesting if he wins it on Father's Day it will be 187 days after his bday. 
Rickie Fowler=71=Catholic
Society of Jesus=187
Have not looked at all the other golfers whatsoever though. 

The Top 4 scores all have the same connections. 
Paul Alexander Casey=187
Xander Schauffele=71
Tommy Fleetwood=191, and 187(reverse)

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