Monday, June 5, 2017

Death of Peter Sallis on 6/2/17-Wallace and Gromit

Peter Sallis died on 6/2 age 96. He was the voice of Wallace on Wallace and Gromit. 
Notice his bday of 2/1/21. 
June 2nd is the day that leaves 212 days in the year. 

He dies 121 days after his bday.
Twenty One=42, 96
He dies age 96
Freemason=42, 96
Wallace and Gromit=158

The character Wallace lived at 62...West Wallaby Street. Now this guy dies on 6/2? 

Wallace's bday 8/7.   Notice 6/2 to 8/7 is 66 days. 
6/2....2 Sixes? 

Wallace's bday also 6 months 6 days after Sallis'. 

Wallace's dog Gromit born on 2/12.

Wallace's bday 6 months 6 days(end date) before Gromits. 

He was also famous for "Last of the Summer Wine". 
Notice Wiki even lets us know the BBC announced it canceled this show on 6/2. 
The show premiered in 73'. 
73 is the 21st prime number. 

Sallis also acted with Roger Moore(James Bond) in an episode of the Persuaders!
Just want to note the episode came out 12/10....once again the 121 combo. 

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