Sunday, June 25, 2017

Death of my Uncles in regards to the Catholic Church

I was sitting here thinking about 132 in regards to the Catholic Church...
Catholic Church=132 and so on...
I've mentioned the death of the Uncle Barney a lot...
Bernard Alan Murphy=191
He died 191 days before his bday...
A 4th degree Knight of Columbus...
Society of Jesus=191

I was sitting here thinking about it though and my uncle Mike(Barney's brother) died on May 12th 2015. 
He died of "Cancer"=132(Jewish)
But May 12th is also the 132nd day of the year. Mike was a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus. 
Michael Murphy=71
Knights of Columbus=71

So anyway it got me thinking about my other uncle(Kelly) who was the first to die out of these 3. 
I remember before Kelly died(cancer), my uncle Barney made absolutely sure that Kelly would have a Catholic funeral and so on. 

My uncle Kelly also died 191 days before his birthday. What are the odds? 
Kelly Murphy=166
Barney Murphy=166 
Both died 191 days before their bdays....
Kelly born on 114th day...Barney dies on 1/14. 

My Uncle Barney's daughter also died on 10/15/1981...So she died exactly 32 years before Kelly. 
Kelly Murphy=131
Mike Murphy=131(reverse)
32nd prime is 131. 
Barney died on 1+14+17=32
Oddly enough the only other Uncle I have that died was on my Dad's side. He died years before I was born, but my middle name is after him. (Edward). My grandpa's car came out of gear and rolled over him when he was a toddler. I don't know much about it as my dad was a little kid as well and never talks about it. I believe he died on the 4th of July as well or early July 5th. 
Anyway..."Edward Behrendt"=131
In regards to my name, my mom has also told me before that they were originally going to name me Keith instead of Daniel, but then changed their mind...
Barney/Mike/Kelly's dad/my grandpa is "Eugene Murphy"=166(reverse) died of cancer on 12+21+19+80=132
Gene Murphy=132
Kelly's bday is 166 days(end date)  after mine. 

They also all grew up in Ralston, Nebraska. 
Ralston Nebraska=235(reverse)
The Society of Jesus=235(reverse)

Kelly buried with a Rosary from the Vatican and a medal blessed by Pope Benedict XVI? 
Joseph Ratzinger=191
Remember my Uncle Barney went and saw Pope Benedict as well when he was in Washington D.C. Then not long after that his wife Betty won $250,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket. 

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