Tuesday, June 20, 2017

7th Fleet-7 sailors missing-sailor missing 7 days-Death of Otto Warmbier-John Mccain

This story gets better every time I look at it. 
The USS Fitzgerald story is all about the 7th Fleet. 
So 7 missing soldiers on Fleet 7....The day before we got the story of a sailor missing for 7 days in the same area. 

The Japanese say it happened earlier, but the US says it's happened at 2:20 is what this article is about. 
He died age 22 at 2:20...
Two Hundred Twenty=77.....7 missing 7th fleet...
I've been documenting 2/20 a decent amount lately...Rihanna's bday. 
Otto Warmbier supposedly died at 2:20pm. 
Pope Francis bday 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 

John McCain also says Warmbier was murdered. 


I've been saying how a lot of these stories are connected to the Jesuit Anniversary. Notice Warmbier dies 3 months 8 days before the anniversary. 
Murder=38(red rev)
McCain=38(red rev)

McCain's bday also 71 days after Warmbier's death. 

The reason I bring this story up is that John McCain was in the Navy and he was on the USS Enterprise....This was the ship that supposedly worked with Friendship 7-Project Mercury....John Glenn. 
Notice it recovered the astronauts on 2/20..1962. 

Of Course McCain also a supposed POW so the story of him talking about makes sense. 

McCain a POW in 1967....Warmbier dies 6 months 7 days after his bday. 

June 19th is also the 170th day....I mentioned Rhianna in regards to NEPTUNE...Neptune discovered 170 years ago. 
Rihanna dabbed with the total score of 170. 
One Hundred Seventy=241(reverse) and 1776(Jewish)
McCain's bday is August 29th the 241st day. 
We are currently in the 241st year of the United States. 

McCain a POW 58 days after his bday. 

So I'm looking at this picture of the Boat in the story because there has to be a reason the boat has 62 on it. As I'm looking at it,  I hear the TV say, "Why don't you get me a boat Bruce...yeah a Big Boat"....The movie Bruce Almighty is on lol. 
Grace Connelly=62(Bruce's girlfriend who says it)

In the mix of this I randomly looked at the video I am uploading to Youtube and it says 62 percent. 
Sixty Two=61(reverse)
Catholic Five=59 and 67(red rev)
USS Fitzgerald=59
IZU Peninsula=59
Bryce Benson=59

Sixty Two=38 and 43(rev red)
McCain=43 and 38(red rev)

I honestly don't know what it is but Jim Carrey has really been connected to things lately..On Saturday I even DJ'ed a party for the Carey family...I used my dads car as it looked like it might rain and I didn't want to take my truck. On the way hom
e I hit a deer....so I hit a deer with my dad's car in the early morning of Father's Day. Thankfully only broke the headlight and he wasn't mad about it. 
Jim Carey born in 62' as well. 
As I'm thinking about it, I even recall talking about Ace Ventura before the Super Bowl in regards to the Miami Dolphins...

Think about this movie Bruce Almighty as well....Morgan Freeman is God and gives Jim Carrey powers....Both connected to Batman....
I see Freeman is wearing a New York Yankees hat...be interesting if the Yankees made the World Series this year..I just mentioned this on a previous post...
New York Yankees=191
Society of Jesus=191
Need to look at all the teams, I wonder if any other teams have Jesuit connections? 
It would be the 41st time the Yankees made the WS......Remember after 9/11 they upset the Mariners 41 days later to make the WS...9/11 was all about 41. 
Skull and Bones=41
Seattle Mariners=179.....179 is the 41st prime number. 
Yankees upset them 1 month 11 days after 9/11 in New York. 
9/11 leaves 111 days in the year. 
New York=111
Yankees lost to AZ in that World Series...Just thinking about that in regards to McCain...
Need to do some more research into it as I've been wondering about the Astro's as well....Space Theme....seems the last 2 years the themes I'm following always fit with baseball but not with the Super Bowl or NBA winner. 

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  1. And the Mosque Van attack was on Seven Sisters Road.