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Facebook article about 1st Price is Right Guy to guess exact amount on Showcase-Bob Barker-Father Paul Strittmater-Rosebud Indian Reservation-Happy Gilmore

I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone a bit ago and I saw this article. I thought this happened recently but it's actually from a long time ago. It was shared by Cheech and Chong on my feed and I don't even follow them so weird. 
Anyway I posted a while back about the Price is Right and was drawn to this story. 
First thing I want to point out is the headline picture. All the guys wearing the KINGS stuff. 
URBO=312(reverse sumerian)..

Seriously, I just started this blog post not even thinking about the TV. As I was trying to find the exact date Terry Kniess got a perfect guess on Showdown I hear "The Price is Wrong Bitch" because Happy Gilmore is on. It's no coincidence I was randomly drawn to the Price is Right story on Facebook tonight, for some reason I was supposed to look it up. 
-dudes-wearing-vulgar-shirts-front-row of Price is Right
Ha, Happy Gilmore was randomly on in the last post I did on the Price is Right too!

 I said in a previous post, that I think Bob Barker might be dying this year because he is 93 years old. 
The Price is Right=93

Oddly enough today is 93 days before the 45th anniversary(year) of the first Price is Right episode on 9/4/1972. 

Ha and looking him up again I see he grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. This is where Father Paul was the Priest for many years before coming to the town I live in. 
Father Paul Strittmatter=93
Father Paul also died exactly 3 months 18 days after Barker's 86th bday. 
318 the God number according to Touch-The Return of Jesus mentioned 318 times in the New Testament and so on. 
Happy Gilmore came out on 2/16/1996....2/16 to 6/3 is 3 months 18 days. 

I just noticed that he started at Rosebud in 1984. 
He was a jesuit and born on 7+12+19+46=84. 
Post about Priests Father Howard and Father Paul
Today is also 6/ this post I mentioned a bunch in regards to 63 and how it seems important to the Jesuits/Catholic stuff. 
Robert Barker=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191
Drew Allison Carey=184....Remember Father Paul died 184 days or 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit's anniversary on 9/27. 
(Cleveland Rocks) by the way. 

I found a bunch of articles that say Terry had the first perfect showcase bid in the shows 38 years. Yet this doesn't make sense as it was only 36, I'll show that in a second but interesting in regards to 38 years. 
Bob Barker=38
Barker's bday 3 months 8 days after the shows first episode on 9/4/1972. 
They aired reruns of Bob's Final season until 10/12/07 and Drew Carey's first episode aired on 10/15/07. 
10/12 is 38 days after 9/4. 
Terry Kniess=163
163 is the 38th prime number. 

Anyway the reason he got the exact amount at the end was because he knew it wouldn't be over 24,000 so he guess 23,000 and added the number 743 to it as it's his anniversary date and wife's bday month....7/4 (April 7th) and March(3). 
Supposedly the got married on 4/7/1972 the same year The Price is Right first aired. 
Also 4+7+19+72=102
Drew Carey=102
The Price is Right=102

The episode aired on December 16th 2008. 

Notice it's only 36 years, not 38 years. was aired 3 months 12 days after the anniversary of The Price is Right. 
312 the number I mentioned in regards to Jesuits/Michael(angel)

Before the Bob Barker version there was a show called the Price is Right that began on 11/26/1956 and ended on 9/3/1965. 
9/3....The Price is Right=93
Haha look at that, it was one of the few game shows to survive the Rigging Scandal of the 1950's. 

They tell you it's rigged, then say they make a Law and everyone believes it's not rigged anymore. It's perfect.The same people who control the Laws control the shows.  

The original host was Bill Cullen of the old The Price is Right...
Bill Cullen=102
The Price is Right=102(s)
Drew Carey=102

I wonder too in regards to Happy Gilmore....
Happy Gilmore=145
Bob Barker the host for 35 seasons. 
Catholic=35, 71
Cheech and Chong=71
Terry Kniess=71(red rev)

I posted a long time ago in regards to Happy Gilmore and the Comcast center in Philadelphia. Happy learns to Putt on the Earthquake course and the building that falls looks a lot like the Comcast Center with the Black Cube on top. 
I've mentioned a lot in regards to the Apollo missions. 
Carl Weathers and Apollo Creed were big topics in regards to the Earthquake stuff as well.
Carl Weathers=191(reverse)
Apollo Creed=191(reverse)
Apollo=71 and 91(reverse)
Space=91 (reverse)
Another thing about Happy Gilmore is that he's only playing Golf to get his Grandma's house back. 
My own Grandma...."Ellie Murphy"=63
Eleanor Murphy=63(reverse)

6/3 is also 174 days(end date) after Bob Barker's 93rd bday. 
The Price is Right=174
It's also 5 months 23 days which reminds us of Drew Carey's bday. 

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