Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Death of Former MLB Pitcher Anthony Young age 51

Former New York Met player Anthony Young dies today 6/27 age 51. 
New York Mets=51

Notice he finished his career with the Astros...
Houston Astros=51
We just had Super Bowl 51 held in Houston. 
Houston Texans=51
He was best known for his 27 consecutive losses in which he had a "DECISION"=51
I've been mentioning a space theme a lot in the past year and also a lot with the Jesuits lately so interesting. Young also born and died in Houston....Houston Space Center and so on . 
Anthony Young=46(rev red) and 145(reverse)
Catholic=46(rev red) and 145(reverse)
Funny how he dies the same day the Florida Gators win the College World Series. 

Florida Gators=145
Chicago Illinois=145

June 27th the day that leaves 187 days in the year. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

He also dies 119 days before the 113th World Series begins. Notice his birthday of 1/19 as well. 
January 19th can be written 1/19 or 19/1..
Society of Jesus=191
1+19+20+17=57=World Series

He also dies on the anniversary of the game when he broke his 27 game losing streak to come on. 
Breaks the streak against the Cardinals....once again reminding me of Catholic stuff. 
Has the record of 27 losses....breaks the streak on the 27th....dies on the 27th...
Twenty Seven=46
Anthony Young=46

The Jesuit anniversary also 27 days before the World Series begins this year. Jesuit anniversary also on the 27th day. 
I'm interested to the see some of the scores on July 2nd...or 2/7. 

The Astros played 51 seasons in the NL. 
I'm interested too as they have only made it to 1 world series. It was in 2005 when they played the Chicago White Sox who won for the first time in 88 seasons. Last year we got the Cubs tying the Pirates and it was the first Tie since 2005 when the Astros tied the Reds. The Astros tied the Reds 114 days before they made the 2005 WS. 
Cubs were in 114th season being called Cubs.
Cubs won the WS in 2016 getting their 114th win of the season.
It was super connected to Michael Jordan who began playing baseball with the Birmingham Barons and coach Terry Francona(Indians coach). 

His final game played was also against the Reds. 
Notice it says he was drafted to the Expos in the Amateur Draft in 84' as well. 
The 113th world series begins on 10+24+17=51
His final game was also played 4 months 1 day before the 1996 World Series in which the Yankees won. 
The Yankees lost to the White Sox today staying on 41 wins. 
Search previous post about the Yankees/41 and making the World series after 9/11. 
Interesting games today too. 
The Cubs lose 6 to 1  reminding me of the College World Series that Florida won today 6-1. 
Astros played Oakland who just won the NBA Finals. 
The Mets played Miami......A Florida team....
But the one that sticks out the most is the Yankees playing the White Sox...The team that the Astros lost to in 2005. 
New York Yankees=191 and 187(reverse)
Yankees have currently won 27 World Series'. 

Young's bday is 8 months 8 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Also 251 days.....
251 is the 54th prime number. 

Something I never noticed until now is that the World Series this year falls on the 88th anniversary of Black Thursday which was the start of the Stock Market Crash. 
Stock Market Crash=185
Donald John Trump=185
Black Thursday=46 and 145 A lot more to look into in regards to baseball but the 2 teams I've had in mind for a while are the Astros and the Yankees...
Houston Astros=147(reverse)
This is interesting as this year has been a lot about Reverse Gematria...."World Series"=147
Anxious to see the scores of the games on July 3rd as it will 113 days before the 113th world series. 

Interesting the article shows the tweet of Lenny Harris and Wiki even mentions that Lenny Harris tweeted about him being in a coma. 
Notice it says Lenny Harris played for 18 seasons. 
Baseball=18 also 27(s)
MLB=18(rev red) and 27
Also want to point out he spelled Anthony Wrong. 
Athony Young=57 also 132(reverse)
World Series=57
Catholic Church=132 and so on...

Yankees have 18 division titles and 27 Championships.  
Twenty Eight=51(rev red) and 57(reduced)

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