Friday, June 9, 2017

Idiotest-Ben Gleib following me on Twitter-Father's Day

I just turned on the tv and decided to watch Idiotest. 
It's probably my favorite game show in the past year. 
Anyway I remembered a long time ago...I guess 1/27/17 the host of the show started following me on twitter. 

It wouldn't seem that interesting except for the fact I only have 114 followers on Twitter. I mean I only have 114 followers and a game show host is one of them? Seems odd to me. 
Notice too it says my last tweet was on 2/2. Every one of my videos is supposed to be synced to Twitter, but none of them have shown up on Twitter for a long time. The only reason the video above even showed up is because I added a video to a playlist and somehow it shared it. 

Ben Gleib=38
Interesting he is 38 years old right now too. 

The first episode of Idiotest aired 56 days(end date) after his bday. 
Ben Gleib=38, 56

He followed me 224 days after his bday....
August 12th is the 224th day of the year.(first episode) 
Just throwing this out there but about a year and a half ago I mentioned a bunch of stuff in regards to World War III and August 12th. Need to go back and review all that info though. August 12th just reminds me of that. 

Interesting he follows me 78 days after my bday. Also his bday is 7 months 8 days after mine. 
If you watch the show he always asks the contestants, "What makes you think you're not an idiot"? 
Notice he was also born in 78'. 
Am I being called an Idiot? lol 

My last tweet was 127 days ago and he followed me on 1/27.  
2/2 is also the 33rd day of the year. 
Crazy I would randomly think about looking this up tonight out of the blue. 
Idiot=33(rev red)
I wonder if it's about basketball too? 
Lebron James=114
Cleveland Cavaliers=78=Idiot
NBA Finals=78

"The NBA Finals"=69(rev red) and 213(reverse)

I can't imagine the Cavs coming back, but a lot of stuff connected to them that's for sure. 
I'm more interested in the fact that I've been shown something in regards to Fathers/Daddy and Gleib's bday happens to be on Father's day which would be Game 7 of the Finals. 
My own dad has a lot of connections to this. 
Denny Behrendt=213(reverse)
Dennis Behrendt=69
He works at "Farmland"=69

My dads bday also 213 days before my bday. 
6 months 30 days....reminds me of  the day Father Howard news came out about him molesting kids. 

My dad's bday to the Jesuit anniversary is 169 days. 
Father's Day the 169th day. 

Had to post this screen shot lol as I randomly wondered what time it was as I'm typing this up. I look at the clock and of course it's 2:13am on 6/9.

I also just posted about "Klay Thompson"=169 and his father Mychal Thompson being born on 1/30. 
1/30 to 6/9 is 130 days
From Klay Thompson's bday 2/8 to Father's Day is 130 days. 
My mom's bday is also 1/30. 

My moms bday to my dads bday is 2 months 13 days(end date)
My bday to my mom's bday is 2 months 20 days. 
My mom's bday to Mother's Day is 3 months 14 days. 
My bday the 314th day of the year. 

Also my bday is 81 days before my moms....8/1 is the the 213th day of the year. 
Remember Pope Francis' 81st bday is 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary this year. 

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  1. the 127 days is interesting because the cavs are the 127th team to be down 0-3 in a playoff series